Graduating is what counts, not the time it took to get there

Isabell Vasquez/ Contributing Writer

Once graduation day comes, nothing else matters except trying to avoid falling off the stage and getting your hands on that degree.  

A college experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of because there’s nothing like it. The time between enrolling in an institution and graduating with a college degree is considered to be an important time for students.

But, graduating is what counts, not the time it took you to graduate. It’s understandable that life happens and time is constructed. Above all else and despite the struggles, you’ll appear as a go-getter because you finished what you started.

Adrian Nones-Newman, a junior majoring in journalism, has dealt with his own obstacles along the way, and doesn’t think graduating as fast as possible is what students should be concerned about.

“No, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. However, what does matter is if you can handle paying bills, juggling time and budgets everyday,” he said. “Because the older you get, the more pressure you have to establish your life, which becomes increasingly difficult while still in school.”

While it’s impressive to finish a degree in less than an average time span, it’s important to recognize what you do during that time. There are more reasons to go at a steady pace then there is rushing through it. Ultimately, it depends on why it took you longer to graduate, and that’s something that will be reflected on your resume when you get a job.

In fact, employers should be impressed if a person completed their degree while being a parent, holding down a job or two, or any other obstacle students may face.

“What’s the hurry?” said Armin Hoempler, a senior majoring in public relations. “There are some of us who already work and going to school helps us acquire the skills we need to advance in our careers, get promotions at work, as well as get a degree.”

Fernanda Zarate, a junior majoring in broadcast communications, agrees, and believes that it’s the degree that matters, not the time spent on it.

And while it may be seen as a success knowing you finished “on time” or even faster than expected, this isn’t high school where every step you make is mandatory.

The beauty of being a student in college is that you make your own rules. You’re in control over your destiny, because once you embrace the journey, it will embrace you back. Knowledge is power, and no one can take that away from you so make time count, literally.  



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