Summerfest 2017 to ‘top last year’s by landslide’

Photo by Campus Life Publications

Martha Perez-Mendez/Staff Writer

The commencement of summer brings along with it the countdown to one of FIU’s largest events held on campus. Happening every summer for the past five years, the 6th annual SummerFest is just around the corner.


This year, Campus Life has coordinated the likes of Bonnie x Clyde, OOKAY, Party Favor, and Valentino Khan to hit the stage on July 13.

“I think it’s going to do really well this year, because our lineup. We’ve never had had this many artists,” said the student marketing director of Summerfest, Sisi Gospodinov.

When considering this lineup, the audience takes a large role in deciding who gets booked each year. Every artist picked was voted on and requested by students, said John Parmenter, staff member in charge of heading Summerfest.

“[The lineup] is a collaboration of our student taskforce ideas, polling our social media followers, seeing what artist are hot, and then I try to find the happy medium while taking our budget into consideration,” said Parmenter.

This year’s concert, however, does not stop at its record number of artists. Production is also a key feature of the concert that the taskforce wanted to make bigger and better than before.

“The light effects have been taken to the next level since last year, more foam … foam everywhere, new huge beach balls that no one has ever seen before, and one big new surprise that everyone will have to wait to experience,” said Parmenter.


Unlike other concerts and events held at FIU, this production takes place in a gap rarely filled with much more than passing cars. The space between Blue and Gold Garage at the MMC Campus allows for a sizeable amount of people, foam, and more.

Elizabeth Garcia, senior political science major, is a returning attendee who explains how she doesn’t go for the lineup. Instead, she returns because of the fun she has had in the past. 

“I don’t know anything at all. I like it to be a surprise when I get there, and just see how it goes,” said Garcia. 

The concert is free for students and advanced tickets are available online for $30. For more information, visit

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