Campus chiropractor encourages spinal care

Bridgett Zayas/PantherNOW

Harold López/Entertainment Director

When was the last time you went to go see a chiropractor? Located at the Modesto A. Maidique campus in PG6, you can go seek assistance for your spine with FIU’s Campus Chiropractic.

Dr. Richard Samperisi is the face of Campus Chiropractic. Samperisi is a New York City native who completed his doctoral studies at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Post doctoral, his concentration was on clinical nutrition and functional medicine.

His love for being a chiropractor began as a kid after a visit to his father’s chiropractor, suggesting to help with his breathing and asthma. It was tough for Samperisi relate lung function to chiropractic practices at that time.

“I was on medication for asthma and allergies. My father took me to a chiropractor that he was going to for back pain and he said, ‘Maybe he can help you out with your asthma,’” Samperisi said.

The musculoskeletal system is usually what a chiropractor would work with and the spine houses the spinal cord which is part of the nervous system. The nerves innovate everything in the body and there are many benefits outside of the musculoskeletal system in regard to chiropractic care.

“The opportunity for FIU came up alongside Reebok sponsored CrossFit, so we decided to pair up. I was free lancing with clinics as a doctor in a couple different offices. I got an opportunity to open this one [Campus Chiropractic] and become the owner and it was awesome, I jumped right on it immediately,” Samperisi said.

Since then, Reebok CrossFit has left. However, Campus Chiropractor stays put allowing Samperisi to continue do workshops for the medical school, talking to the second-year medical students on alternative medicines.

“If somebody comes in at 20-21 years old, the average student age here at FIU and they would need to make a change with their health or posture, we can really positively affect that and reverse everything before things become too generated in that point,”Samperisi said.

At Campus Chiropractic they offer chiropractic care, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, spinal and postural screenings and even physiotherapy.

“We have a full therapeutic suite, offering therapeutic ultrasounds, electric muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, hot cold therapy. We have moist hot packs that we could use to stimulate circulation while we do therapy,” Samperisi said.

Samperisi is very big on therapeutic exercise being that he has a physical therapy background as well.

“It’s really important that we don’t only adjust the areas of someone’s spine to get them straightened out or moving better, but we are actually able to keep them that way by teaching them what they can do on their own to fix these areas of weakness,” Samperisi said.

The biggest issues that patients come for at Campus Chiropractor are neck pains, headaches and lower back pain.

“It’s more of a societal shift to be worked on to prevent some issues with the spine and really just the overall health,” Samperisi said on the importance of visiting a chiropractor. 

For lifestyle advice, Samperisi pounds on the nutrition, hydration and getting your spine checked. Don’t wait until you start having back pains and make sure you get your spine checked as it is highly important than checking your teeth, eyes and health.

For more information, make sure to visit and make your appointment with Dr. Richard Samperisi today.