The 2017 Solar Eclipse at FIU in Photos

The first day of the fall 2017 semester was more active than usual with a solar eclipse captivating crowds gathered at the MMC campus. View a recap of the day in photos:


AstroScience Center

A line forms in front of the FIU Stocker AstroSpace Center well before the noon for the Solar Eclipse Watch Party. The event was free to the public and offered brief lectures by astronomy professors with limited number of NASA-approved eclipse-viewing glasses available.


A crowd quickly gathers when volunteers announce that they will begin distributing eclipse-viewing glasses.


Karina Corton:Music Education:junior 2

Karina Corton, a music education junior, lounges on the lawns near the AstroSpace Center as she waits for the eclipse to arrive.


Amy Acosta:Biology:junior

Amy Acosta, a biology junior, takes her first look at the solar spectacle.


Rosa Benitez:IT senior

When a friend hands his eclipse-viewing glasses to Rosa Benitez, an Information Technology senior, she is in awe of the solar phenomenon.


Andres Benitez:Intl Business:freshmen

Andres Benitez,  an International Business freshmen, smiles as he takes a glimpse at the eclipse.


Miyani Esquenazi:Private School Teacher at event with her children after their school let out early

Mayan Esquenazi, a private school teacher, enjoys the event with her children after their first day of school dismissed early.



Crysta Mae Danner, a public relations sophomore, is in shock of the astronomical feat.


Stefano Romero Fine Arts Senior Left:Renata Gallegos biology senior Middle:Melisa Saavedra psychology senior Right make a pinhole camera with a posterboard

Stefano Romero, fine arts senior (left); Renata Gallegos, biology senior (center);  and Melisa Saavedra, psychology senior (right) find a creative way to view the eclipse without the special viewing glasses. They create a pinhole projector out of two poster boards to watch the moon’s shadow inch across the sun.


Karla Buergo:Phychology senior uses a pinhole camera with a notecard to view the eclipse

Karla Buergo, a psychology senior, makes a personal pinhole projector with a note card.


Connie Boranat RIGHT looks on as Alexandra Tchir Bio Soph tries on her welder's helmet. Boronat is the Director of the Office of Retention and Graduation SuccessIMG_8228



Connie Boranat (right) looks on as Alexandra Tchir, biology sophomore (left), tries on her welder’s helmet. Boronat is the Director of the Office of Retention and Graduation Success and brought her welder’s helmet to campus so that students could observe the eclipse through its infrared glass.




Stephen Reuesz:Physics and Astronomy:senior:President of the Astronomy Club


Stephen Reuesz, a physics and astronomy senior adjusts a telescope for prime eclipse viewing. Reuesz, President of the FIU Astronomy Club, stood by as a line of eclipse watchers took their turn to look through the telescope.


Alexandra Croce:Hospitality Senior RIGHT lies on the grass with her friend


Alexandra Croce, a hospitality senior (right), lies on the grass with her friend (left) visiting from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Croce wanted to show her friend, who was not aware of the eclipse, what university life is like in the West.





Nicole Malanga and Arianna Quel-Agudelo/Panther Press

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