Worlds Ahead recipient receives job offer at graduation

Written by Daniel Lederman / Contributing Writer

A Worlds Ahead graduate received a job offer during her commencement ceremony.

Nykeema Radway, a Worlds Ahead graduate and president of the Black Student Union was offered the position of Marketing Traffic Coordinator by Rossie Cortes, the director for External Affairs for the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, after she heard Radway’s story.

Radway was a peer mentor, an event planner for Students Incorporating Service To Encourage Real Success and also worked for BSU first as a membership coordinator, then vice president and finally president.

Radway is fond of community service and making genuine connections with students. She got her start with event planning through her church, and when she joined SISTERS in 2014, her skills earned her the position of event coordinator. Radway wanted to run for President of SISTERS, but didn’t want to “spread herself thin” among the multiple organizations.

Already being involved in the Black Female Development Circle, she was encouraged by the former president to take up a position “in the organization path” as the membership coordinator for BSU. The new President of BSU also offered her the MC position, and so it was set for fall 2015.

During her time at FIU, Radway spoke at multiple campus events, including a vigil following the death of Alton Sterling– who was shot by two Baton Rouge officers in Louisiana after they mistook him for a different man– and at the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. bust at the Modesto Maidique campus.

Among the many memories Radway made at FIU, she most fondly remembers becoming the President of BSU, which she said helped her “learn so much” about herself.

Another important memory in her life, she said, was when she chose to change her major from psychology to public relations. She felt this change “click” during a career conversation she had with a friend and after a Marketing and PR internship with External Relations, her career path “solidified” even more.

Through her experiences, she’s learned not to “just go through life, but instead be alert and attentive of what’s going on.”

College, she said, is the time you never expected would finally come and now that she’s graduated, she has some advice for new students.

“[S]tudents need to be open to opportunities wherever they appear, surround themselves with the right people…and be genuine with your intentions,” she said. “They got to make the most of college, and don’t be here just to be here. Mess up, but learn from it. Find who you are.”

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