AMA at FIU promotes ‘the advancement of marketing professionals’

Andrea Perdomo/Contributing Writer

The American Marketing Association is a prestigious international organization dedicated to the advancement of marketing professionals. The FIU chapter, AMA at FIU, was started in 2001 and is one of the most active and nationally recognized clubs on campus.

AMA at FIU has been ranked nationally as a Top Ten Collegiate Chapter consecutively for the past 14 years. According to, it has racked up over 20 awards and is constantly acknowledged for its involvement and dedication to the FIU and local community since its birth.

The FIU chapter is a small army consisting of about 300 registered members, 12 directors, eight departments, two co-presidents and a student-run marketing agency. The agency, Roaring Concepts, offers affordable marketing services to the local community and FIU entities alike according to the website.

The main goal of the club is to educate, engage members and to arm them with tools and resources that will allow them to excel as marketers. AMA at FIU offers mentorship programs, networking events, corporate tours and technical skills workshops to help members gain an edge on the competition.

“Most jobs right now won’t hire you without experience and we provide the opportunity for students to graduate with actual experience,” said AMA at FIU Executive Board member and junior marketing student Dania Dueñas.

In the Roaring Concepts agency, students get real industry experience and a legitimate start to building their portfolios.

“It’s a great opportunity to know what [marketing] really is,” said Co-President Sabrina Bocaranda, who joined AMA at FIU in 2015. “It actually helps you to find what you enjoy about the field.”

Photo courtesy of AMA@FIU

Sabrina Bocaranda, AMA Co- President, Photo courtesy of AMA@FIU

The junior psychology and marketing major signed up for a bunch of clubs her freshman year, but she quickly found after joining AMA, she “didn’t need anything else.”

Despite the club’s large membership, AMA at FIU strives to make everyone feel like they are a part of the team. The executive board makes a point to praise outstanding members on social media and even take the time to give hand-written thank you notes to show appreciation.

“You really make some great and powerful connections,” said Co-President Brian Perez. “It’s a pretty prestigious club here on campus and that recognition really opens up a lot of doors.”

Students from all disciplines are welcome to join the club. They are in constant need of graphic designers, writers and open minds.

An AMA collegiate membership costs $65. Membership allows access to general meetings, workshops, events and Roaring Concepts participation. For an additional $5, the collegiate membership grants access to the AMA South Florida Professional Chapter which allows participating members to connect with industry professionals in the region.

AMA at FIU also hosts events that are open to the general student population throughout the semester. One of the club’s biggest annual events, Marketing Week, will be held this year from October 16- 20. This year’s theme is the Evolution of Marketing, with each day dedicated to an era of marketing. Be on the lookout for panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities that are sure to benefit students in a variety of disciplines.

The first meeting of the semester will be held on Wednesday, September 6. For the most up-to-date information on AMA at FIU, follow them on Instagram @amafiu.

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