Last days of summer fashion: all about shoes

Andrea Diaz-Ariza/Contributing Writer

As any Miami native will tell you, we only have one season here: summer. Having eternal tropical weather means we get to be trend setters on the latest summer styles. While staples like denim shorts and tank tops are safe bets, don’t miss a step by forgetting to incorporate a chic pair of summer shoes.

We asked students what they thought made shoes the “it” style of the moment. Freshman Rebecca Farinas, a political science major, told us what she looks for when trying out a new shoe trend.

“I really like to make sure they’re comfortable and in style, and with so many options I’m able to choose what works best for my looks,” said Farinas.

This season, lace-up sandals are still going strong. A trend that was catapulted by Valentino and Chloe in their Spring 2015 collections has become a more feminine alternative to gladiator sandals. Whether they’re heeled or flat, lace-up sandals are dressy and flattering for everyone.

Martha Perez-Mendez/PantherNOW

Nicole Malanga/PantherNOW

Slip on shoes are a newer style that have become a must-have for any closet. Ever since Gucci’s Fall 2015 runway debuted the heel-less Pincetown shoe, slip on styles are now found in every blogger’s closet. The style can vary from a flat sandal to a simple slip-on sandal that’s comfortable and easy to pair with any look.


Nicole Malanga/ PantherNOW

Next, we have the platform sandal. We’ve experienced a 90’s revival for a few seasons now, and platforms are the newest target. Popularized by Stella McCartney’s Elyse platform, it’s a style that has polarizing reactions. With increased popularity of the shoe worn by celebrities, it’s clear this is a fun and comfortable way to step up your fashion game.

Lastly, we have metallic sandals. What’s great about these is that you can match your shoes to your favorite jewelry! A great update from their 70’s origins, they allow you to use metallic as a new neutral with shades like rose gold. While having full metallic shoes make a loud statement, sandals allow a hint of the bold shade to complete your look.

Martha Perez-Mendez/PantherNOW

Nicole Malanga/PantherNOW

The start of a new school year is a time for change and trying new things. Between navigating new classes, joining clubs and attending events, students are running back and forth to keep up. Shoes are a fun and simple way to try a new trend and discover which styles work for you. Whether they’re lace up, slip on, platforms or metallic, these trends are sure to have your back for the new school year.

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