#YouAreWelcomeHere campaign helps students feel ‘accepted’

Belen Sassone/ Contributing Writer

The “#YouAreWelcomeHere” campaign has been embraced by FIU as a way to make international students feel at home while on campus.

The message of inclusion is spread through, “statements, photos, videos, events and other creative expressions that feature students, faculty, and staff,” according to the official campaign website.

FIU’s video features international students participating in things like service, labs and sports, encouraging them to join in the efforts to search for new knowledge and improve the community, among others.

In order to be admitted, students are required to take an English language proficiency exam, known as the TOEFL or IELTS. In many non-English speaking countries, those who hope to come study in the United States would have to go out of their way to seek English classes.

Efforts like the “#YouAreWelcomeHere” campaign may not seem like they do a lot, but they help students feel like they are accepted.

Aside from the videos and inspirational quotes, FIU tries to be a university that is open to all different types of people. There are also a number of clubs on campus aimed at making international students feel like they are closer to home.

By meeting others who share their experiences, they can find comfort in a new chapter of their lives, which can oftentimes feel lonely and strange.

In total, there are about 2,500 international students on campus, which makes up 35 percent of the student population, according to FIU’s #YouAreWelcomeHere video.

These students deserve to feel like they are invited to be a part of the community, because what they did by coming to the United States is inspirational.

Leaving your comfort zone in hopes of obtaining a higher level of education isn’t an easy feat, but a brave step which very few are able to take.

International students are a major part of what make our school such a success, and it is important that they are given the credit they are entitled to.

They choose to bring their intelligence to FIU so their accomplishments in every field not only make the school gain positive attention, but also bring benefits to the entire country.



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