Local elections just as important as national elections

Belen Sassone/ Contributing Writer

On September 26, District 40 will be holding a special election to fill an empty seat in the Florida Senate. Although it may seem like an irrelevant election to some, it’s important that leaders who represent the majority are elected because elections closer to home have more of an impact on our everyday lives.

District 40 consists of Fontainebleau, Westchester, Olympia Heights, Sunset, Kendall, Coral Terrace, Glenvar Heights, South Miami, Miami and Coral Gables. This means that FIU students who live near the campus and are registered to vote should participate.

Rep. Frank Artiles was forced to resign in April after he went on a racist and homophobic rant, in which he said that Senate President Joe Negron achieved his position because six n—–had helped him get there, among other disturbing things.

He had also previously proposed a law that would force transgender individuals to use restrooms that didn’t correspond with their gender.

It may seem like a hassle to make a trip to a polling location, but when you consider the man who previously held the position, it becomes important to ensure that someone so morally corrupt is never in charge of making any important decisions again.

Voting only takes a few minutes out of your day, and in the long run, youre doing something good if you choose someone whose politics are helpful to the general public.

In the end, no matter what level of government you look at, it’s necessary to have the right people passing laws.



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