Celebrities raise their voices

Isabela Vanga/ Contributing Writer

Among the most followed celebrities like Kendrick Lamar with an instagram fan base of over 7.7 million, Shakira with over 45.2 million and even rising star Logic with over 3.3 million fans.

The human voice can be the most powerful instrument of all, especially when having acquired the attention of such a large assortment of people. It is very common for celebrities to not only comment on the matters that cultivate controversy through the use of social media or television/radio broadcast, but also through the music itself.

This is a not a recent phenomenon, celebrities have been using their power of popularity and musical talents to express opinions since antiquity. In the 1940s began the apotheosis of American popular music .“Let Them Keep It Over There” and “Rockabye My Baby, There Ain’t Gonna Be No War”  are  two songs that came out in Nineteen thirty-nine that celebrated isolationism.

The song 1-800-273-8255 by Logic which speaks to the hearts of the thousands of people suffering from a mental illness. On Sept. 14 this song hit number one on the US music charts.

Two students who plan on furthering their career through music, stated their opinion of celebrities expressing their social and political opinions. Giovanni Negron, freshman at FIU majoring in music technology says, “I believe when it comes to power and publicity that celebrities have this gift of making change happen because people will listen to them. You have to be careful with what you say. If you want to say your opinion do it.  But, celebrities should be certain of what it is their talking about when it comes to politics; Socially, celebrities make big changes because they can make people donate for example to the travesties in Puerto Rico or Texas. “

Nicolas Chediak a freshman music artist at FIU who is majoring in Journalism. Here is what he had to say:

“As a person they have the right to speak their opinion, they shouldn’t be censored just because they have such a large fan base. They have freedom of speech and can do what they want.”

The first amendment protects our freedom of speech therefore if a celebrity does choose to use their popularity as a platform to speak of political and or social issues they have every right to. If they’re preaching a positive remark why try to silence their voice?

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