Trump should ‘finish the war he began’

Daniel Melo/ Contributing Writer

On Sept. 23, North Korea stated that the United States declared war following a tweet Trump posted about North Korea’s leadership. North Korea was especially offended by the last portion of that tweet, which states that the country’s leadership “won’t be around much longer.”

As a result of the tweet, America has officially declared war. Because of this, Trump should go ahead and finish the “war” he began.

If we don’t do something about North Korea, they could potentially accumulate enough nuclear bombs to be a threat to other East Asian neighbors. With more nukes under their belt, we’ll be more likely to give in to their demands out of fear for the safety of other countries.

North Korea has authorization to shoot down American air fighters as part of the defensive position they’ll be taking. North Korea plans on doing this even if the strategic bombers aren’t inside the aerospace of the border of their country.

The country is also working on obtaining a nuclear-tipped warhead that is capable of hitting U.S. mainland. Trump claims he will not allow such a thing to occur, and the United Nations Security Council has passed resolutions to increase economic and diplomatic pressure on Pyonyang.

This, however, seems to be without any avail.

The United States currently views North Korea to be the largest threat in the world, and despite recent heated remarks in the press, Pyonyang hasn’t changed its military posture.

UN treaties aren’t working as well as they hoped and North Korea is still attempting to pursue international ballistic missiles. In order to stop them from obtaining such weapons, America must strike quickly and efficiently.

If we get rid of North Korea’s leadership, peace will be restored in that portion of the world, for the most part.



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