Intramural Sports offers a multitude of benefits

By Steven Melendez/Staff Writer


Not everyone gets to grow up to become a collegiate athlete, but university students still enjoy being active and participating in competitions. Intramural Sports allows students to join a team and participate in organized sports within the university.

FIU offers their students this luxury at both the Biscayne Bay campus and the Modesto Maidique campus. For the upcoming Fall semester, FIU will offer a multitude of different sports, such as three-on-three basketball, seven-on-seven flag football, tennis, and also kickball.

Each of the sports also offer subdivisions within the sport that specifies what type of format you would like to participate in. For example, this season’s Badminton offers men’s singles and double, women’s singles and doubles, along with mixed doubles.

This gives students a chance to meet other people throughout the university that have a common interest and could potentially lead to great college relationships.

“I feel like intramurals also offer students a way to establish a network of friends,” senior Austin Alvano, who is majoring in communication arts and public relations, said. “When I first came into FIU, I had limited friends. However, when I joined the intramurals, it offered me a way to make more friends.”

Intramural sports also offer plenty of health benefits, both physically and mentally. For college students in particular, it is important to find an activity where they can unwind and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s a good stress reliever from class and it’s also a good way to exercise,” junior accounting major Michael Gutierrez said. “I think it’s important for us as college students to be able to find something where we can get our mind off classes and remain active through competition.”

To register for intramural leagues, all a student must do is go to and create an account using their FIU account. A student can list themselves as a free agent or join a random team.

The university has even partnered with the American Collegiate Sports and Fitness to provide each of the IM league sports teams with the opportunity to create custom shirts online to show off their team spirit.

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