Radio DJ brings Puerto Rican touch to The Roar

Photo by Martha Perez-Mendez

Harold Lopez / Entertainment Director

A Radio DJ at The Roar [FIU’s Student Radio Station] uses their platform to showcase the art of the Latin culture with a touch of sazón.

The man behind “Quiero Rock” and “Sazón” is Emmanuel Malave, a senior and computer science major at the University. However, please refer to him as DJ Manny during “Quiero Rock” or DJ Adobo for “Sazon.”

Malave was born and raised in la isla del encanto, meaning “the island of enchantment;” Puerto Rico. Most of his time at home was spent with his mother sharing the love for Spanish music.


Stephanie Butt and Emmanuel Malave Nicole Malanga/PantherNOW

“It was just me. My mom and music was kind of all over the place. My mom’s taste consisted of a lot of Latin Pop like Shakira, Chayanne, Kany Garcia and Juanes,” said Malave. “She also played Salsa whenever she was cleaning, like Gilberto Santa Rosa, La India, Marc Anthony, etc.”

Back in Puerto Rico, Malave celebrated the not-so-typical American holidays with La Noche de San Juan on June 23, a magical night that welcomes the summer season and El Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico, which celebrates when Columbus discovered the island.

Malave heard about The Roar from his friend who hosted a show called, “Low Tide.”

Malave sat down during one of his sessions and instantly gravitated toward the craft of college radio.

“Being part of the radio has been an amazing experience for me. Not only have I had the chance to share great music and develop myself professionally, but the people that I have met here have turned into great friends that I’m sure I’m going to keep for a long time in my life,” said Malave.

Sundays at The Roar have a splash of Latin Rock with “Quiero Rock,” drawing the inspiration from wanting to play bands that Malave liked back at home to expose it to the Miami and FIU community.

“After giving it some thought, I decided to extend that idea to not only include bands from back home, but also every Spanish speaking country and get a way to show the local rock scenes of various places,” said Malave.

The magic does not stop there as DJ Manny’s alter-ego, DJ Adobo comes out for “Sazon” which plays tradition music from other Hispanic countries. The concept was taken from a previous show called, “Habanaba,” hosted by former Roar deejay, Edward Dowling.

“I want to show my audience artists that are great and talented and sound just as good or better than the music they are used to. A lot of people believe that Latin music has a certain sound but there are kids all over Latin America and Spain that are making amazing music in genres that don’t sound like ‘Despacito,’” said the “Quiero Rock” deejay.

DJ Manny would love to land an interview and go out for a round of beers with Puerto Rican rapper, Residente on his show.

“His music has been with me since a very young age and seeing him change genres, stand up for what he believes in and go from a local Reggaeton rapper to an international award-winning genre mixing artist is something I find very inspiring,” said the Puerto Rican host.

Hispanic Heritage Month touches Malave’s heart. He admires the efforts that FIU takes to recognize not only his culture, but the cultures of so many students he shares the school with.

“Hispanic Heritage Month isn’t anything I put down in my calendar, but knowing that there is a community in my school that is open to celebrating and sharing so many diverse cultures really makes me feel like I’m in a beautiful place,” said Malave.

Malave’s shows “Quiero Rock” and “Sazon” are on every Sunday on The Roar from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., where he shows the world that there is more to Bad Bunny and Mana in Latin music.

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