DACA decision devalues hardworking students

Brea Jones/ Contributing Writer

On Sept. 5 2017, the Trump administration publicly announced the end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA.

Over 800,000 people, known as ‘Dreamers,’ and their families will be affected by the decision to end DACA, according to The NY Times. This includes members of FIU’s panther family.

Our friends and classmates are being unfairly ostracized by society. Often called “entitled brats” and “freeloaders,” dreamers are bashed daily on social media outlets. That’s why it’s up to us, as fellow Panthers, to support one another, especially towards DACA recipients who struggle and face harsh backlash daily.

While all of these events are extremely concerning, President Rosenberg released a statement to all FIU students, giving words of encouragement, providing students with contact information for the Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic. He also gave his consolation to all the hardworking DACA students.

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This isn’t the first time FIU has shown an incredible amount of support to the DACA students.

DACA students are not eligible for federal financial aid and so, they pay their tuition out-of-pocket.

In Fall 2013, FIU became the first public college to offer in-state tuition. Before its implementation, all FIU DACA students had to pay out-of-state tuition $18,969.75, according to FIU admissions page.

What some people don’t seem to understand is that DACA recipients must work harder just to be in the same position as the person next to them.

It’s completely unfair to treat these students as though they are “taking away opportunities for American citizens” when they must go above and beyond to even be considered for those same opportunities.

Juan Carlos Gómez, director of the Carlos A. Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic and Director of Clinical Programs at FIU, and his colleagues have helped over 2,400 people apply for DACA within the last few months.

“These young people are justifiably worried,” said Gómez. “A lot of good people are going to be hurt because of this irrational, inhumane, misunderstanding of law.”

We must show our support during this tough and confusing time. By giving inspiring and uplifting words we have to be there for one another.

These students are a part of the United States and the FIU community. FIU would hardly be international if we didn’t have our ‘Dreamers.’



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