DACA does more harm than good to the economy

Daniel Melo/ Contributing Writer

DACA is undeniably an umbrella for dreamers longing to come into this country to begin a new life of prosperity and opportunity. However, DACA doesn’t grant anyone legal status under its protection, and that is where the unrest stems from.

Under DACA, illegal immigrants who come into the U.S. as minors are protected from immediate deportation and able to request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years, which is subsequently renewed.

This program is fundamentally a failure and should be replaced with stricter immigration laws.

I’m not opposed to immigrants living on American soil, but these immigrants should do so in a lawful manner. As citizens of the United States, we must be worried about our own actions, status and condition before we worry about foreigners. We currently aren’t in the place to be preoccupied with ‘dreamers.’

America spends approximately $116 billion in aid for illegal immigrants, according to the Federation For American Immigration Reform far more money than we need to spend on any demographic group.

Although DACA targets young immigrants, it tends to branch out to their families due to human sympathy. The bill ensures children, but nobody is going to deport their parents or guardians to leave them alone and unattended for. This results in the entire family nucleus to be protected under this bill.

Young children holding up signs pleading so their mothers and fathers won’t be deported has an emotional impact on anyone who sees it. It hits one in the stomach because you realise the entire family isn’t facing deportation. Just the parents are at risk because the children are safeguarded by DACA, and nobody wants to see children left out by themselves.

Still, emotions aside, we can’t continually foster illegal immigrants in this country.

It’s unhealthy for our economy to pay out billions of dollars in taxpayer money to support illegal families that could easily be used to implement universal healthcare, improve government industries, make colleges more affordable, and better our public education.

Although some families have been here for a long time and have exemplary records, they must come legally to stimulate not hinder the economy.



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