Hispanic students want more sporting options

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By Steven Melendez/Staff Writer


The community within FIU is a melting pot of different Hispanic cultures that each have different preferences when it comes to the types of sports they watch.

One of the most common sports mentioned was soccer, but basketball and football were not too far behind.

FIU has Miami FC playing at the newly renovated Riccardo Silva Stadium. Plenty of Hispanic students mentioned having gone to a game or plan to go to one before the fall season ends, but had concerns about less compensation for students.

“I have gone to a Miami FC game and I enjoyed my time there, however they aren’t giving free tickets to the students anymore. Last year they were, but this year they didn’t,” said Jurgen Vargas-Nieri, junior majoring in international business. “Giving students free tickets to get more involved with the team is a good tactic.”

For the most part, Hispanic students did not care whom they watch their sports with. They enjoy the freedom to say what they want to say in any situation, whether it is going crazy for an awesome play that just happened, getting upset when something does not go your way or just enjoying the game.

“It depends, sometimes I like watching it alone other times I like watching it with friends or family,” replied Roger Tellez, junior majoring in finance and marketing. “It really just depends on how I’m feeling.”

FIU has seven men teams and eleven women teams, so there are games on a consistent basis. Students have plenty of opportunities to go out with friends, family or even catch a game on their own.

Just like FIU is a melting pot of cultures, it is also a melting pot of sports. With plenty of options to choose from, Hispanics around campus will not have a hard time finding a sport they will enjoy.

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