Millennials use technology to change the world

Ashley Weathers/ Contributing Writer

Over the last decade, technology has reshaped world communication and access to information. Millennials are defined as a “person born in the 1980s or 1990s — usually plural,” according to Merriam-Webster.

This definition makes this newly designated group the first generation to grow up with technology throughout their whole lives. Millennials are heavily criticized for their tech-savvy nature because many claim that it detaches them from reality and hinders their social skills, which simply isn’t true.

Rather, millennials will transform the world through this privilege by utilizing their extended scope to solve social issues.

Social media has transformed life so that anyone can obtain information that would otherwise be out of reach. After a large story breaks to the public, social media is the most efficient way to stay informed.

Most people can’t watch the news at all hours of the day, so features such as Twitter’s “Trending” and “News” section allows anyone to quickly glance and see current events. Although every generation can access the Internet, this generation takes advantage of the readily available information.

Over $4 billion have been raised in the last seven years by the world’s largest social fundraising platform — GoFundMe — to clearly define the potential of social media.

After creating a campaign, one would post the link across their social media with the ability to receive donations from anyone across the world. Older people see social media to be detrimental to the world because it’s perceived to detach its users, while millennials recognize the opportunities.

Many college students with an interest in global affairs, like myself, found their passion through social media. As one sees the endless problems in the world, it’s almost impossible to not inquire for more information. Social media has heightened the millennials interests in foreign affairs to create a generation of people who will truly change the world.

One person’s voice may be heard by millions of people online, which is where millennials are able to have a greater impact regardless of their location.

Information online allows millennials to have an established and informed opinion which is essential to improve society.

Ignorance is what causes so many problems and misunderstandings in the world, and the main fuel for ignorance is lack of knowledge.

In short, this generation is full of charitable and informed individuals. Not to be mistaken for laziness, millennials value their time and are innovative in establishing efficient tactics to maximize their global impact. Being technologically seasoned is not a deficiency, but rather a great tool that others should recognize.

The Internet is a blessing that many generations view as disposable and even a waste of time. Millennials have redefined life and will advance society to be more informed and compassionate. This new society will be one that accounts for all perspectives and cultures to ameliorate peace worldwide.



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