Swimming and Diving team discusses nutritional plan

By Lisell Waterman/Contributing Writer


Nutrition plays a major role in any athlete’s life; many are required to maintain a certain type of weight, muscle, or even body fat percentage to reach their goal.

Swimming and Diving head coach Randy Horner discussed how he fully recommends his swimmers to establish a nutrition plan and how the team works with their own nutritionist. Doug Kalman, the team’s nutritionist, has worked with Olympians and other high-level athletes prior to FIU.

“He comes in and works with our team as a consultant. He’s available for individual nutrition counseling also,” said Horner. “It’s an individual thing, but we encourage them to.”

His athletes also do not carb-load before a meet because their events are not long enough. Carb-loading, or carbohydrate loading, is a strategy used in many endurance-based sports to maximize the storage of glycogen in the muscles.

When an athlete sticks to a diet plan, it shows their dedication toward their sport and their willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

2016-17 Conference USA’s Swimmer of the Year Letizia Bertelli, who specializes in Freestyle and Butterfly, discussed her thoughts on nutrition and how critical it is for her sport.

“We collaborate with Dr. Kalman and he creates diets for whomever is interested,” said Bertelli. “I think having a diet plan has helped me, especially mentally, sometimes I challenge myself for example trying not to eat chocolate or anything that is bad. I think it helps me focus on what I have to do.”

Bertelli made her first-ever NCAA championship appearance this past year, competing in five events. She also set the school and C-USA record in the 100 free as the lead of the 400 Free Relay with an impressive 48.32 time.

The Swimming and Diving team will return to action on Oct. 27 when the squad will travel to New Orleans, Louisiana for Dual-A-Palooza. The meet will also include Rice University, Tulane University, and the University of Denver.

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