Neon.wav — 7-8pm, November, 10, 2017

Hosted by Nico 99

I Can Tell by Yung Bae

Suki? Suki! by Night Tempo, Tomggg
Pastel feat. Snail’s House by Moe Shop, Snail’s House
Linear Love Story by Suken
Blush – Moe Shop Remix by fusq, Mylk, Moe Shop
Blatant Plagiarism by GHOST DATA
Fall in Love by Yung Bae, Flamingosis
Watcha Gonna Do by Hiro Tadomatsu, PopUp!
Boy by Pop-Up!
ELLE by Alyx
The Sweetest Dream by Desired
Dance Dance (w/ Android52) by Moe Shop
Doki Doki no Disco 「ドキドキのディスコ」 by Nanidato (ナニダト)
Da Trooper by RoBKTA
東京 Virtual by Dan Mason ダン·メイソン
Roe v. Duffy by JD senuTi
happiness by architecture in tokyo

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