Priority registration is fair, according to advisor

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Certain groups of students are given priority registration dates and can register prior to regular registration, according to the official University procedures.

Students with priority registration include Veterans, Honors College, Student Government Association and students registered with the Disability Resource Center.

Registration appointment dates and times are assigned to students based on their classification, number of credit hours earned and currently registered hours, according to Christopher Allen, an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Marketing and Logistics.

But for students that fall under DRC, courses need to fit around other activities they might need, Allen said, which is why students with disabilities or special needs go through a process that necessitates special attention.

SGA members also have priority registration appointment dates, according to Allen, because they require more time to work and organize school functions. Their registration appointment dates started on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Allen believes SGA students serve a special role as intermediaries between the student body and the University Administration.

“They [SGA] are the ear to talk to administration. If a student has a problem, they talk to SGA. Wouldn’t you want that SGA member to be available?” Allen said.

With over 10 years in education, throughout different institutions, Allen has always seen SGA have priority registration in the university.

Unlike Allen, Eric Brown, a sophomore majoring in psychology, believes that the current enrollment date schedule is unfair.

“It has become difficult to find classes that fit my schedule,” said Brown. “I have to work and a lot of students have to work.”

Brown’s enrollment appointment date is Tuesday, Nov. 28.

“I don’t agree with someone my same grade level, taking the same classes, having priority over me. I think we should all have the same chance,” said Brown.

Brown is also vice president of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women at FIU and disagrees with the idea that SGA should have priority dates simply because of their leadership positions.

“I definitely understand the thought process, but I don’t have much of a choice when I have to work. I’m the vice president of a club on campus, that doesn’t give me priority,” he said.

Francesca Riccio-Ackerman is an Engineering and Computing Senator in SGC-MMC. Although she has had priority enrollment through the Honors College, she understands why SGA members have priority enrollment.

“There are scheduled cabinet and senate meetings with mandatory attendance. You are paid to be in those meetings. There are some members of SGA who need to meet four or five times a week,” said Ackerman.

The SGC-MMC senate meets on Mondays at 4 p.m., every fall and spring semester and each senator must work their schedules around meeting times. These meetings must last a maximum of two hours each, according to Article III of the SGA constitution.

Senators who miss those mandatory meetings can be impeached from the senate, according to Ackerman.

Additionally, all Senators, excluding graduate students, are required to attend at least five or 25 percent of all SGA sponsored events each semester term. All senators must also maintain at least three office hours a week in which they are accessible to their constituents, Article III of the constitution states.

“The only way you can miss a senate meeting is if you need a class to graduate and it’s the only class available. We discuss funding that affects thousands of students, you have to be at these meetings,” Ackerman said.


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  1. Robert Liriano | April 6, 2020 at 5:43 AM | Reply

    I am a Veteran, however i noticed that i am not able to register early. Is there a procedure i should follow in order to be part of the FIU Student Priority list?

    Thank you in advance.

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