Technological advancements force people to adapt

Rina Factor/ Contributing Writer

Technological advancements do not force people to fall behind due to the swiftness of its advancement. These changes only force people to get ahead and change with the times by adapting to learn new skills.

As new technology is introduced, the younger generations grow with them and integrate the changes into their lives. Technology, such as the era of computer science that we are living in will result in the decimation of many industries such as artificial intelligence, which replaces many professions that were once considered “safe” or prestigious.

However, it will also pave the way for new industries and skills. Technology should be encouraged in the workplace to improve the efficiency and quality of work.

Technological advances instill fear in people. Since the dawn of time, there have been people who respond to technological advancements with the fear that it would destroy their jobs.

One such example was the Industrial Revolution, which destroyed many manual labor jobs, but created new industries and opportunities. It resulted in many inventions, which improved mass production and created new industries.

Technology has to be integrated into every field in order for people to keep up with the competitive technological changes. It also increases our capacity to accomplish more on a greater scale. Falling behind is simply solved by improving skills and education.

Many tech giants insist that coding is simply a must for the twenty-first century and the people of today’s day and age should be literate in code. The fast pace does render the older generations at a disadvantage as they cannot learn or adapt as quickly as the younger ones.

To combat this disadvantage, education can be changed to introduce computer science and robotics to children as young as elementary school.

Technology should also be encouraged in the workplace because it has the ability to enhance the accuracy of the work done. Technology like automation can lower costs in terms of production and enable more time to produce new products and lead to more hiring opportunities.

However, this does mean that those uneducated in fields of technology will fall behind as they won’t have the skills necessary to do these jobs. Certain fields like law, medicine and even advertising have changed from lucrative fields to oversaturated ones. Even educated people are falling behind with these new developments.

Overall though, technology seeks to innovate and improve society. If we can find a way to ensure people are more educated in tech, then there will be more equity and job opportunities.



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