Achieving Dreams: FIU graduate finds success as UI designer for 2K Games

Graphics/Illustration courtesy of Andrew Michael Chin

By Brett Shweky/Sports Director


Not only can graduating from a university earn someone a degree, it can also help a person achieve a life-long goal.

This is the case for FIU graduate, Andrew Michael Chin, who obtained a career as a user interface designer for 2K Games.

Growing up, Chin was passionate about digital design and wanted to pursue a career within this field.

A UI designer’s job is to make the user interaction as efficient as possible by maximizing usability in softwares, computers, and mobile devices.

Chin explained that going to FIU helped advance his skills in the arts, and also how it led him to develop a passion for computer animation.

“My skills in drawing, painting and art history didn’t truly develop until I attended FIU for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts,” said Chin on his website. “It was during this time that I sort of realized that computer animation could combine my love for art and computer graphics.”

After graduating from FIU in 2006, he decided to further his education by enrolling in Full Sail University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation.

During his time at Full Sail, Chin managed to expand his knowledge on computer animation. He garnered skills in modeling, rigging, animating, texturing and more to establish himself as a computer graphic artist.

Following his graduation, Chin landed a job as the Lead 3-D Artist for Legal-Eze Graphic and Litigation Consulting in 2008. Here, he managed all 3-D projects and also handled all assignments dealing with modeling, texturing, rigging and rendering duties.

While being a part of Legal-Eze Graphic and Litigation Consulting, Chin also worked as a contractor for an array of companies, such as Walt Disney World Resorts MagicBand and Avanica Airlines.

In May 2015, after gathering a couple years of experience and moving to San Francisco, California, Chin was approached by 2K Games and discussed with him an opportunity with the company. He became a Contract 3-D/UI Artist for NBA 2K16 and helped design numerous aspects within the game.

The company was impressed with Chin’s work and decided to retain him as the contract artist for the following year. For the NBA 2K17 project, Chin created artwork for the main menu navigation, worked on the updated NBA team logos, and also designed 2D images and icons for the 2K Sport Store.

After spending two years as one of the company’s’ contract artists, Chin was promoted to full-time UI Artist for 2K Games, and was given the duty of creating 3-D and 2-D art for the user interface within NBA 2K18.

Chin discussed that attending the launch party for NBA 2K18, was one of the best highlights so far while being with the company.

“Probably the coolest thing that I’ve gotten to do was be part of the launch party for NBA 2K18, it was an amazing experience,” Chin said. “Even though I didn’t get to meet him, Shaq [Shaquille O’Neal] was there. So me being a Miami Heat fan, it was awesome.”

The FIU alumni continues to be employed by 2K Games and is currently working on upcoming projects.

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