Alumna, Chrissie Fit discusses her ‘Pitch Perfect’ experience and Miami upbringing

Chrissie Fit at a screening of "Pitch Perfect 3" at The Landmark at Merrick Park in Coral Gables. Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Universal

By Damian Gordon

Chrissie Fit is an FIU alumna, Alpha Xi Delta sister and Hialeah native that took her talents to Hollywood to star in the “Pitch Perfect” franchise.

Fit said she has grown a tight bond with the cast since joining, which has made shooting the final scene for the upcoming film difficult.

“It was so emotional… there wasn’t any acting going on, we legitimately crying.” The director even came up to Fit asking if she was alright since she “looks like her puppy just died.”

“ We do cast gifts at the end of the movie and I made a scrapbook of all the pictures, memories and inside jokes. It’s like our Bella book,” Fit said. “ Everyone gives their gifts and then Rebel gives us all trips to Cabo.”

After 4 months of shooting to spend 5 days in Cabo with the cast, Fit made  a scrapbook Rebel gave them all a trip to Cabo after completing filming on the third film

“ We knew this might be the last one, we kind of were just like, alright. We’re gonna have fun on set but were also going to try to create memories outside,” Fit said.  

They bowled, went to the movies and Fit celebrated her birthday with them at Zoo Atlanta. Fit even decorated her cast mates trailers for their birthday.

Attending FIU as a theater major, Fit became involved at the University as she won the first ever Golden Idol in 2002, as part of the homecoming festivities.

The competition is for students to showcase their talents. Fit sang Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You” for the win.

Fit later felt it was time to pursue her dreams and left to Los Angeles with just $900 in her bank account. Minus the zeroes, and you would have a lot of student’s account figure.

While renting a friend’s room for $300, she also took acting classes where her coach connected her with an agent

“It’s kind of one of those things where preparation meets opportunity and you just got to go with it and take it,” Fit said.

She then went on to appear in “General Hospital,” “House” and other projects through the years.

Next, she joined “Pitch Perfect,” a series following an all-women acapella group named The Bellas. The diverse team tries to win their college competition while being challenged by issues within and outside the group.

The latest entry, “Pitch Perfect 3” is about The Bellas struggling to find their place after college and enter a United Service Organization tour competition by DJ Khaled.

Regarding her “Pitch Perfect” experience, “It’s the greatest Joy of my life. These girls are my friends forever and we’re so supportive of each other,” Fit said.

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are a duo that keeps Fit says keeps her on set to see them improv humorous lines.

The 33-year-old actress has ties to South Florida as she grew up having Sunday family dinners at local Hialeah spot Dipiazza Pizzeria after the movies.

While back in South Florida recently with her fellow cast, Fit got them to eat at La Carreta as she misses their plates while traveling.

“These are not very typical movies you see in Hollywood, where you have 10 women at the center and we’re all strong and independent,” Fit said. “I’m very proud to be apart of it and I would do these movies until Bellas in a Nursing Home.”

“Pitch Perfect 3” hits theaters Dec. 22 as a curtain call for the series featuring the alumna.

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