Alumna becomes owner of a pet sitting company at the age of 23

Alumna, Fatima Betancourt, is the owner of PAWS Miami at the age of 23. Photo by Harold López.

By Harold López

What started off as a dream, became a job full of barks and love for an alumna as she took on a pet sitting business in South Florida.

Public Relations graduate, Fatima Betancourt, is the owner of PAWS Miami — a fully insured, dog walking and pet sitting service located in Miami, FL. The company is the first and only that specialize in home-boarding in Miami.

“What makes PAWS unique is the individual attention we provide each client. There’s no 7-pup-tandem leash walking here. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and above-and-beyond-expectation service,” said Betancourt. “We strongly value a close client-sitter relationship and want you to feel that your pets are in great hands and having tons of fun, so we love to stay in touch with you during your absence.”

The PAWS Miami owner always had a passion and love for animals growing up. Dogs found an attachment towards Betancourt; she never thought that she would take on a career in the animal field.

“I was looking for jobs online and came across it [PAWS Miami] on Craigslist. Then, I didn’t hesitate to call and apply,” said Betancourt.

Betancourt took on the role of being an owner since January 2017. It was previously owned by Katherine Orsenigo, a New York native who attended the University of Miami. Orsenigo had to move back to NYC and decided to pass on the baton to Betancourt.

“Trying to satisfy every client is hard when your employees have a schedule and the clients want them during those times,” said Betancourt. “Every employee scheduled is different, but I try my best to cover for them or find a replacement.”

The PAWS Miami owner obtains a hectic schedule that sometimes has her working from day to night. Betancourt sees the business expanding to a brand and having more sitters available throughout South Florida.

“Go for it. It’s worth every penny and sweat,” said Betancourt for those wanting to start a business. “Realize that is a 24/7 job and to sometimes you have to say “no”, because I know it’s hard to say it.”

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