Students use dating apps for sex

By Christina Guerrero

Dating apps have been in the industry ever since the first smartphones came out in 2007. People look for serious relationships, friends with benefits or just friends – but, there is always some type of love online.

In dating apps like Tinder, there are pros and cons with every swipe you make. The apps are most commonly used in young adults with hopes of finding the attention or the ego boost they crave for.  

The definition of dating before the “hook up” era is completely different from today. Ten years ago, dating meant a time of romantic/intimate relationship or marriage . Compared to today’s dating, Zoosk, a dating app, refers it to “having a thing ” which means nothing serious.

The most popular one for college students is Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Match, Grindr, Zoosk and Hinge.

“There was this one time I matched with someone. I was catfished physically and personality-wise. I told myself never again will I get attached to this app but is was surely entertaining,” said sophomore Vanessa Leal studying communication.  

According to an Adobo survey, 3,500 college students across America shows they’re not using dating apps mostly for sex or dates or love or anything really other than their own entertainment.

“I try to give advice to others who look for relationships on these platforms. There are two types people on these dating apps: the desperate, and the cool ones,” said senior and communication major, Melissa Carol. “The desperate ones don’t even ask how are you doing, they automatically ask if they could have sex with you. On the other hand, the cool ones just want to go with the flow and let it be. I looked on Tinder for love, it took a while but we found each other.”

The survey also says that only four percent of college students who use dating apps prefer to meet potential dates using them. Seventy-nine percent of college students still vastly prefer “the old standbys” meaning through mutual friends or interests.

“I no longer use dating apps but I did find my boyfriend of three years on Tinder. I  think dating apps are a good way to meet new people and make friends,” said Carol.

This nontraditional dating is no longer taboo, it’s a norm

“One night,my friend told me to download a black-owned app name ‘Soul Swipe.’ After like 30 minutes ,I finally found one I didn’t feel weird about. When I met him, I assumed I trusted him enough to have sex because why not? He is hot. Until this day I am still his friend and side chick,” said business major and senior, Destiny Bryant.

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