Sexual literacy deserves a continuous conversation

Figuring out how to convey the message that sex is one of life’s great pleasures and that its consequences can be devastating requires a continuous conversation at every stage of life. Of course it’s difficult to talk to someone, especially parents who are conservative, but what we need to be reminded of is that it’s never too soon or too late to start discussing sex and values.

Parents often wonder “how long can I put off” talking about sex. Sexuality is at the core of our human existence, therefore, we have a responsibility to equip children and young adults with a comprehensive view of sexuality.

For sexuality to be taught correctly, we need to have a healthy respect and appreciation for the gift of sexuality, and we need to both teach and model the precepts and principles that lead to greater sexual health and integrity.  

While not a required part of FIU’s curriculum, current programs and classes need to thoroughly provide sexual literacy and information for students. Yes, we have healthcare services that occur at Freshman Orientation; yes, we have the “It’s On Us campaign, which focuses on prevention, bystander intervention, and resources for victims; and yes, we have the Healthy Living Program, which offers a variety of programming on sexual literacy.

Yes, FIU is doing what it can to integrate sexual literacy and LGBTQA-specific information into the curriculum, but we tend to forget is that it’s not solely up to the University to provide students thorough, factual, and non-judgmental sexual literacy education.

Sexual literacy is a key component of a healthy sex life and sexual health. It’s not just about the knowledge needed to advance and protect your sexual health and well-being, but it’s about knowing how to stay safe, how to have pleasure, and how sexuality influences your daily life.

Comprehensive sex education is effective at assisting us to make healthy decisions about sex and to adopt healthy sexual behaviors. It can help you to develop skills in communication, refusal, and negotiation, it helps provide medically accurate information about both abstinence and contraception, including condoms, and helps you explore your own values, goals, and options.

Sex is nothing bad. In fact, sex is meant to be a good thing. Sex is wonderful because it involves total nakedness, total unity, total love and total sexual satisfaction. Of course, to each their own on how they have pleasure, but you have to make sure that you are having sex in a safe and educated way.

Additionally, sexuality is part of the social life of humans. It’s governed by social norms, implied rules of behavior, and the status quo, and while society’s views on sexuality continuously evolve, people’s sexual interest in and attraction to others will never diminish.

To enhance our sexual literacy, each student needs to be involved in it through through daily actions, learning, and advocacy for the sexuality issues that important to them and the community.

As Panthers, we need to connect, organize and do research so that we can address the sexuality issues we’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings. Sex is part of life, so we shouldn’t shy away from it.

Rather, we should approach the issue head on and make sure that we are educating ourselves and future generations so that we can move away from the taboo that surrounds sex, and so that we can live fulfilling lives that are both enriching and safe.

Photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash.

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