Single review: ‘My My My!’ and ‘The Good Side’

By Joey Geballa

Three years after his debut album and alt-pop classic to millennials, “Blue Neighborhood,” Troye Sivan has returned to claim his space and respect in pop music.

Troye was a former YouTube star, now known as a  hit maker, LGBTQ icon and a household name. Many artists stroll along to their sophomore album after their debut success; this time, Troye busted through the doors of the music industry ready to prove himself.

The Australian singer and songwriter began 2018 with two new singles, ‘My My My!” And “The Good Side.

“My My My!” was released Jan. 11, 2018 following Instagram teasers and promotions for the single he had spread in Times Square and many other cities.

Troye describes the song in his Zach Sang interview as “his first perfectly executed vision” and “his biggest breakthrough of self-confidence.”

The song is an uplifting and euphoric love song anticipating the green light and confirmation of a relationship that is bound to be fruitful and promising. The debut is an explosive chorus backed by an array of synthesizers and Troye’s vocals distorted by vocoders.

On the  Zach Sang interview, Troye said he aimed to sound “louder and more confident” than on his debut album. With the combination of his fierce vocal delivery and thumping production from OZGO (Who has worked with Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift), he successfully fulfilled his mission of new found fearlessness.

Following the honeymoon banger that is “My My My!,” comes the cinematic and guitar driven “The Good Side.”

The most significant thing about this track is that this is Troye’s first stripped back ballad, considering most of the ballads on his debut album were electronically supported.

“The Good Side” sounds like a sweet lullaby, but it is a vulnerable apology letter to his past lover. Troye says he is sorry for only getting “The Good Side” of life after the end of the relationship and leaving his ex with nothing, while Troye traveled the world pursuing his breakthrough success.

The apology letter implies that the world “danced to the sound of your heart” and “sang along to it falling apart,”which Troye uses as a nod referencing listeners living through the infectious love to the heartbreak of “Blue Neighborhood.”

Troye closes the song hoping that him and his first love will meet one day to catch up and discuss the good in each others new lives, while being happy for each other without past tension hanging over like a cloud.

With both of these new singles, we gain insight that Troye Sivan is no longer a former YouTube star with a record label, he is now a fully grown artist.

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