Dessert War treats FIU students and family

By Joey Geballa

Dozens of sweet desert vendors gathered around the FIU arena handing samples to students and family competing for the best vendor on the lot. Participants included local family owned businesses like Granny’s Pecan Delights Inc. to chains like Cici’s Pizza and Dunkin Donuts.

On Saturday, Jan. 20, Dessert Wars took over the University with the sweetest desserts. Most of the companies that were present are small businesses and most of the owners are FIU alumni.

“By exposing us to small business and FIU alumni, it shows us students that is is possible to achieve whatever we want as long as we work hard and enjoy the process,” said Environmental Engineering student, Ximena Lugo.

The event was a way to connect business to consumer and in this case students, which are a huge percentage of these local businesses. General admission purchasers were given 30 raffle tickets in exchange for any vendor for a dessert sample.

“The event this year has been an awesome way for us to highlight our products and see our consumers’ instant happiness after they try our cookies made from a passed down homemade recipe,” said Donna Payne, owner of Granny’s Pecan Delights.

Surrounding the arena were the vendors, plenty of decorations, and tables for attendees to sit socialize and enjoy their sweets. Providing the soundtrack for the event were a group of student singers and a band singing covers of classics while people paraded for their sweet treats.

The event was a huge success and even FIU President Rosenberg said his favorite part was “People coming out and having a good time and that is very very gratifying for me to see”.

Rosenberg continued to say that “the long lines and continuous smiles on peoples faces is everything he and the vendors would want to see at an event like this”.

Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream & Yogurt Lab ended up winning the Desert War and its long lines were totally worth it and proved its win.

At the end of the night, students, family and small business owners all won at the taste of great business exposure.

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