Hip-hop artist, Drake, starts the new year on fire

By Dalton Tevlin

There is no question that Drake has been running not just the rap game, but music for the last decade or so. Since the release of “So Far Gone” and even up his recent project, “More Life”, he has continued to evolve and change as an artist in a way not many can say they have. Almost anything he makes is of supreme quality that is hard to come by elsewhere.

Almost everything Drake decides to release these days is adored by fans and critics alike so when he teased friday that two new songs would be released at midnight the internet went crazy. In what is truly a one-two punched, “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” has gotten Drake off to a very hot start in 2018.

Bundled under the name, “Scary Hours”,  Drake puts the listeners into his shoes as one of the leading figures in the industry and what you take away from these songs is surprisingly human. The current trend of hip-hop has headed towards a much more turn-up vibe and rappers speak on their constant recreational use of drugs, see Lil Pump as an example. The moment you start “God’s Plan” you get a sense of positivity that is hard to come by with rap today. In what may be one of the most honest sides of Drake we have ever seen, the sense of authenticity is a trait that is hard to deny from his music.

The message of “God’s Plan” is simple, everything happens for a reason. Everything from negativity that people send his way, to the friendships he has created is all part of “God’s Plan”. Drake is able to show his much more humble side by acknowledging members of his OVO crew and their importance to his success, primarily his producer 40.

While “God’s Plan” is definitely the big hit with it’s catchy hook and message, “Diplomatic Immunity” was made for the true hip hop fans. A four minute bar-fest where Drake reminds everyone why his rapping ability is nearly unmatched. His laid back, venom packed lines that he speaks with such confidence combined with the symphonic beat from 40 gives your head no choice but to nod in rhythm.

The raw power and depth of “Diplomatic Immunity” may not be the song for the radio but Drake’s supreme self-confidence is contagious. There may be no bigger figure in the world of entertainment than Drake and he expresses it here, but his ability to relate to the everyday millennial at the same time is perhaps his most underrated skill.

“Scary Hours” is as interesting as it is quality. This seems like a matured, wiser Drake then we have seen in the past. The years that he has put into the rap game are definitely beginning to show. It seems that Drake has big plans for 2018 and if whatever he plans to release is anything like “Scary Hours”, we may have to consider him the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) before it’s all said and done.

Overall “Scary Hours” has something here for every type of Drake fan. “God’s Plan” appeals to the much more casual audience while “Diplomatic Immunity” is the honest depiction that hardcore fans fiend for. You will definitely keep these two tracks in rotation and as the source of Instagram quotes for at least a few months. It will be very exciting to see what Drake has in store for us in 2018 and this is truly an amazing start.

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