University alumni should help guide freshmen

Brea Jones/ Staff Writer 

For some, being a freshman in college is like entering an entirely new world without anyone to guide you. FIU does provide some resources for students to ensure they have the answers needed to survive the college journey, but sometimes, our questions go unanswered and we get stuck.

I often have to ask my roommate — who is a senior — for answers to questions no one else could provide. Alumni have already gone everything we as undergraduate students have to go through, so they make the best resources you can go to for those burning questions professors and advisors can’t answer.

It’s not just about the questions though. Alumni can also provide a lot of advice for students. Creating a buddy system would be the best way to create a bond between FIU alumni and freshman.

Providing freshman with someone they can always relate to in times of need would solve a lot of problems. Those alumni who are willing to volunteer their time would be a great asset to freshmen because they could give helpful study tips or just give students that extra push needed to step out of their comfort zone.    

Freshmen in college are at high risk of becoming depressed or forming anxiety. Over 11 percent of college students have been treated for anxiety in the past year, and more than 10 percent have been diagnosed with depression, according to Chadron State College.

Students themselves are often reluctant to seek help due to social stigmas related to depression, according to  It would be beneficial for students to talk to someone they feel comfortable with.

An alumnus who was in the same shoes as the student would be able to relate to the student and provide advice for the student and encourage them to stay strong.

The University of Colorado has seen much success with the buddy system they put in place to help undergraduate students navigate the college life. Students are paired with another student in a higher grade than them, and the older students provide care baskets, assistance, and a helping hand for the younger students.

The program was so successful it was set to expanded to 80 different colleges where students are be matched with other students or even faculty.

Students and alumni who share the same major would make the ideal match. That way students would be able to have a connection with someone who is working in their desired field.

I know it can be hard to make sure every freshman was paired with alumni, so an alternative option would be to have a website for alumni and students to talk. This still provides students with an outlet someone to talk to with whom they can relate.

Alumni could be a vital resource for FIU if they were only used. FIU should consider allowing alumni to interact with the student on campus. It would have a lot of advantages for the students.



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