Panther alumni proves that success comes from touching lives

Jacquelyn Hurtado/ Staff Writer

Sixteen years ago, a student named Jae Suh pursued a degree in business management and international business at FIU.

Nearly two decades later, he became Master Jae, the proud owner of USA Tae Kwon Do School on 157th Avenue and 56th street. It’s hard to believe that he used to go to the same college I am currently attending.

After graduating FIU in 2001, Suh worked with his two younger brothers at the USA Tae Kwon Do School that his father opened in 1991. By 2011, he opened a second school on Miller.

Studying business analysis at FIU helped Master Jae become more skilled and knowledgeable when building his business.

“Learning to keep track of stats and performing a SWOT analysis allowed us to know where we stood and helped us understand what areas of the business we needed to improve,” said Suh.  

Suh is now a well-respected business owner who has impacted the lives of countless children, mine included.

I started Tae Kwon Do when I was eleven years old, and nine years later, I remain active in the sport. What once was a hobby and desire to learn self-defense has grown into a haven for me during the most challenging times in my life.

For as long as I could remember, Master Jae and his two brothers have been my teachers, opening my eyes to the world of martial arts and, along with, discipline, friendship and family.

Thanks to him and the school he and his family built, I have gained many everlasting friendships and, after witnessing his kindness and confidence, have grown less afraid of being myself in front of others.

He may have been a FIU Panther at one point in his life, but since then, he has helped children who were timid, angry, impatient and lonely turn into confident and loved human beings. He has given them attention, advice, discipline and, to those who needed it, a second home.

“The most rewarding part of work is knowing we have an opportunity to help others better themselves in mind, body and spirit,” said Suh, “I can end every work day knowing I positively impacted a person’s life.”

From Panther Alum to Tae Kwon Do Master, Jae Suh proves that success comes not from how far you go, but how many lives you touch.  



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