Adulting comes with difficult life lessons and responsiblities

Adulting is, put simply, taking the torch from your parents and learning how to take a Saturday and clean the entire house or how to go out and buy a car without breaking the bank.

One of the key aspects of adulting is taking charge when it comes to finances, whether that means knowing when it’s a smart move to take out a loan, budgeting for groceries every week, or making wise investments.  

Learning how to set aside funds for emergencies and regular necessities is paramount, but it is vital to learn how to use money to help you get the things you want, like travel or home décor, without obsessing over the numbers in your account.

Being overly preoccupied with saving will only prevent you from allowing yourself to splurge every once in a while on dinner with friends or a pair of shoes that call to your soul.  

Adulting is figuring your own healthy balance between the two, and it takes a lot of going back and forth from one extreme to the other to get a grasp of what works best for you.  But then again, that goes for most of figuring out life.

Overall, adulting comes down to decision-making and taking responsibility not only for those decisions, but the consequences that follow.  

This academic year has been one ripe with controversies in Greek life at FIU and around the country, which led to a one-month suspension in January of all sorority and fraternity activities at FIU.  

Since then, many of the fraternities and sororities have been reinstated, with the exception of TKE, the fraternity that was involved last semester in a scandal regarding leaked nude photos; and FIJI.  Those who were involved in  TKE’s controversy must take accountability for their actions and accept the consequences that have come from the event.

Consequences have a way of catching up with people regardless of how public the actions were, and those who are truly adults will handle the situation and aftermath with grace and humility.

There are dark parts of growing up, if the last paragraph hasn’t made it obvious enough, but adulting is nonetheless wildly exciting and far more liberating than being a child ever was.

Learning how to adult also means being able to make decisions like where to go on holiday and deciding who to invite with you.  It means deciding when you want to get up or go to bed, where to work, what to eat, if and when you want to go out.  

Adulting is learning to decide which fun paths to take and how to navigate around more difficult choices and consequences, but the most important part of adulting is discovering and improving yourself, and as a result, learning from your mistakes.


Photo by Yasemin K. on Unsplash.

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