Lack of preparation leads to fear of adulthood

Brea Jones/ Staff Writer

As children, for one reason or another, we have often said the phrase “I can’t wait to grow up.” But now that the time for growing up has come none of us are really prepared.

Throughout high school, we are taught useless information that does not prepare us for anything other than passing a standardized test. The feeling of being unprepared for anything is scary. When it is something as important as adulthood the feeling is petrifying.

Many believe that the transformation of becoming an adult happens when an adolescent teen goes off to college.College usually the first time a teen is away from home and ‘on their own.’ The feeling of new found responsibility can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure how to handle it.

College is just the beginning of adulthood.

Here we learn about how to manage our time, money and what it is like to be away from home. But we are still left in the dark about how to file taxes, paybills, make a doctor’s appointment or even change a tire.

High schools don’t prepare students for the trials of life and by the time we get to college we are expected to already know information that has never been taught to us.

While there are some classes that are designed to teach life skills, such as economics, enrolling in the class is useless if the teachers don’t actually take the time to teach.

During my senior year of high school, I took an economics class and the teacher rarely ever actually taught us something. The teacher would just play different episodes of Shark Tank and would call it a day.

At the end of each semester, students left that class knowing as little information as they arrived with.  

It is incredibly important that schools and parents step-up and begin introducing necessary life skills to students sooner than later.

I believe that technology and social media has changed that and is making the youth mature faster than previous generations. We are now exposed to so much at a young age it forces us to grow up.

Although we are maturing at a younger age, millennials have yet to truly gain the respect from older generations because the benchmark of what makes an adult is so unclear if is hard to gain respect.

In America, the different age requirements for things such as fighting in a war or drinking makes it difficult to decipher when others cna classify you as an adult.

If the youth had the guidance and the support of our elders than we would be more prepared to face the world head on.

We, the youth, have to stop selling ourselves short. Although there is a lot of things we don’t yet understand we should take a step back and be amazed at what we do understand.



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