Black Student Union at BBC shows students its ready with first general meeting

Photo by: Amanda Bazil/PantherNOW

By Amanda Bazil and Alondra Bodden

The Black Student Union at FIU has plans to educate the student body on Black culture while celebrating it as well for Black History Month.

BSU at Biscayne Bay Campus made its presence known by holding its first meeting on Thursday, Feb. 8.

Although attendance was little, the board still possessed high spirits for what was to be talked about on the agenda. They thanked and welcomed all who showed up and started things off with a friendly game of Kahoot.

“We have a number of events planned for this year’s Black History Month celebration. All of which are geared to uncover the “Hidden Truths” which is our 2018 Black History Month theme of our history,” said Ty’Trell Dixon, BSU’s President and junior majoring in hospitality.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, relationships became the topic of discussion and things like the influence of black love in films came into question. Celebrity power couples and the effects that social media has on relationships were also dissected and not one person went without adding in a few thoughts on either subject.  

“The topic was centered around black love because of Valentine’s Day, and we wanted our topic to have that connection. People were able to engage by discussing how they feel about black love being represented in films, good and bad, and how we are impacted by it,” said Veronica Rushton, broadcast media major and communications coordinator for the BSU at BBC.

The prospective members got a breakdown of upcoming events for the semester. The vice president of the organization, Francesca Laborde, conducted the meeting. As she spoke, the board members who were in attendance stood and quickly greeted themselves with their own personal additions.

Meetings are normally held once a month, with the exception of February due to all that is going on in honor of Black History Month, and April, because of final exams.

Mar. 8 and Mar. 29 mark important days in which the last meetings will be held, with elections for a new editorial board held on the latter date.

In honor of BHM, February alone is loaded with events happening at both campuses.

A Family Reunion event will kick things off Saturday at the University Apartments Gazebo at Modesto A. Maidique. Next is an event with speaker Tamika Mallowry, an activist, founder of her own company and co-chair for the Women’s March.

It will be held Feb. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at MMC. In collaboration with Panther Power, a spirit organization here at the University that promotes school spirit, The Panther Power to the People event will take place in Panther Square from 12-2 p.m. on Feb. 22.

Equally important is understanding student involvement. Know that the BSU is all about one thing: to educate, advocate, and celebrate members of the African and African Diaspora. Therefore, it’s inclusive to everyone but with an emphasis on black culture.

This makes membership simple, just be sure to sign up to receive notifications on orgsync and be sure to have your presence and voice active, and stay engage during all the meetings, that’s all that’s needed.

With such a huge lack of students in attendance for this meeting, one might assume that being a part of the BSU might acquire a lot of work and commitment, but Francesca expresses a different notion.

“We are  just here to create an atmosphere of family where everyone can come and express themselves freely,” said Laborde.

Some might even feel discouraged to go, but according to Tanisha Joseph, a junior and  recreational therapy major, the BSU eboard will make you feel the exact opposite. “I liked how everyone was very welcoming, and overall the experience was great. I’m glad I was invited out.”

Whether you’re looking to network with new people, learn more about the African Diaspora and its multitude of Afro-culture, or just want to drop by and have some fun, the BSU is one place to start.

For more information on the organization, you may keep up with them on all social media platforms @bsufiu.

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