Pop-up exhibition explores culture at Biscayne Bay Campus

By Lanna Exilus

A production company uses art to express diversity and culture in pop-up exhibition to the students of Biscayne Bay Campus.

The Student Programming Council of BBC celebrated their “Week of Art Appreciation: Affair of the Arts Week,” during the week of Feb. 26 to March 2.

Miami Urban Contemporary Experience was one of the features. The company showcased their ‘90s art exhibition which featured many local artists, reprints of Jean Michel Basquiat’s artwork along with a live painting.

MUCE is an art production company that brings their enriched heritage experience through pop-up exhibitions along fairs and festivals. MUCE has brought many events to colleges, the community and corporations The organization feels art should be represented in every communitywhich is a part of their mission as a company.

The artworks that were on display ranged from the color popping art to an inspired Lion King version of “Paid in Full.” Many others had an Afrocentric presence to it, and completed the collection by bringing different elements to it.

“The Anthony Lumpkin’s, ‘I Used to Love Her’ painting, I think it is gorgeous, just everything about like the depth and color is really impressive,” said freshman and advertising major, Leehie Bortiman.

Behind MUCE is project lead, Natasha Wright, who was behind the curation of the exhibition displayed at the University.

“The inspiration is all things ‘90s, we wanted to just do a throwback bringing popping colors and things that were really cool in the ‘90s by also making it fresh and have it be interactive as well for the students,” said Wright.

Wright explains how the company selects the artists within the exhibit by phone. Some of the artists were already residents who showed pieces they knew would be a perfect fit for the exhibit.

“Absolutely that’s one of the things why we do what we do at M.U.C.E, we want to be able to make art accessible to everybody especially bringing it back to schools like FIU and bringing them to neighborhoods like Little Haiti, Opa-Locka, and Overtown,” said Wright. “We’re doing pop-ups art gallery there, where people in those neighborhoods probably won’t go into a gallery or museum so now their getting a chance to see it in their own neighborhood.”

Within the exhibition shows the connection between art and hip-hop with the paintings of Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G and A Tribe Called Quest.

Students were satisfied with the outcome of the event and how the exhibition explored a specific era through art form.

“Of course, yes because every artist has a meaning behind their painting or drawing and I feel like you can learn a lot from it,” said junior and health care administration major, Victoria Romo.

Photo retrieved by Flickr.

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