FIU Theatre’s new play is sure to awaken the geek in all of us

By Gabriella Blanco

A play about one of the world’s oldest role-playing fantasy games may raise eyebrows in concept but “She Kills Monsters” is coming to show what it’s made of.

Centering around a game of “Dungeons and Dragons,” the play, written by Vietnamese-American playwright Qui Nguyen, will be the FIU Theatre’s last production for the spring semester and is ready both tug at heartstrings and go out with a bang.

Following on the coattails of last month’s “Dancing at Lughnasa,” family is the core of the whirlwind venture.

But what makes “She Kills Monsters” so special can be figured out just by looking at the title.

The play’s main characters are sisters who grew up unable to understand each other until a game of “Dungeons and Dragons” helps the “normal” Agnes finally understand the geeky Tilly when tragedy tears their family apart.

In a world where being into nerdy things is still viewed as dicey if one is a girl, “She Kills Monsters” wants women to know that they can own who they are and what they like no matter what. For a community that is often associated with sexism and bullying, seeing a woman in the role of the fantasy action hero is certain to resonate deeply in the hearts of female geeks, nerds, and pop culture junkies.

Guaranteeing that the audience will be swept off into an adventure of the ages, dungeon master/director Tony Galaska is using his talents in production design to bring the whimsical creatures and action sequences that rules the imaginations of “D & D” fans to the stage.

“But you don’t have to come to the play with any knowledge of the game,” stressed Galaska with a smile.

In his office with shelves filled with the sickest “Star Wars” memorabilia, Galaska explained how he was drawn to the play because of his own relationship with a sister he shares an age-gap with, as well as playing the game throughout his own childhood.

“It’s amazing to see how much something like “Dungeons and Dragons” is making a comeback,” said Galaska. “Being a geek is more mainstream and people aren’t as stigmatized for liking comics or sci-fi anymore so this play is relevant to modern pop culture.”

And in the midst of nostalgia being all the rage, people can also look forward to hearing some familiar tunes throughout the show.

Galaska talked about how he is working extremely close with the sound designer to make a 90s-inspired playlist that will take the audience back to [their own childhoods].”

The show as a whole may be one of the department’s most challenging, with some, including Galaska, admitting that there is a “cinematic element” to the story that could have people picturing scenes occurring an over-the-top big budget movie instead of a play.

“But that’s the excitement of it all,” said Galaska. “That, plus how it will make people feel, is what makes this all so rewarding.”

You come across the box office at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center. What do you do?

If it’s between April 13 and April 22, it should be picking up tickets, priced at $15 for general admission, $12 for seniors/FIU faculty, and $10 for FIU students (ID required).

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