Display of motto in schools reminds students of values

Ashley Verdugo/ Staff Writer and Caroline Lozano/ Assistant Opinion Director

On the last week of session, Florida passed an educational bill that might surprise or even infuriate some people. The motto “In God We Trust” will now be displayed at every public school in Florida.

The bill was presented on its own in the house by Representative Kimberly Daniels. Initially, the bill seemed to die on the house floor, but on the last week of session, it was attached to a lengthy educational bill and signed by the Senate.

Representative Daniels took a different approach to presenting this bill, saying in a speech on the House floor Wednesday that “it is not a secret that we have some gun issues that need to be addressed, but the real thing that needs to be addressed are issues of the heart,” according to CNN.

She also said in her speech that the bill is “so simple, just saying put a poster up to remind our children of the foundation of this country.”

Rep. Daniels didn’t push party or even religion with the presentation of the bill. Instead, she advocated for the values that our own country has been founded on something that needs to be emphasized in schools, especially in today’s social climate and the recent incidents that have shaken up schools across the country.

“In God We Trust” are not just words we find in the back of a dollar it is our national motto, and holds as much relevance and importance today as it did in the past. It’s been on the state seal since 1868, and it’s been on the state flag since 1900. This bill is common sense legislation that needs to be implemented into our schools in Florida.

Apart from reminding students of the values this country was founded on, it’s also a reminder that in times of trouble or worry they have something to trust in, regardless if they believe in God or not.

Of course, because of the nature of the motto, it is a bill that might anger some people, and cause them to cry out for the “separation of church and state.” Some may think that through display of the motto, it would force religion or Christianity onto students.

However, our country was founded around religious values, specifically Christian ones, and has continued into modern times.

It may seem like America is starting to lose its former religious foundation, especially with reports of younger generations listing in surveys or polls that they no longer practice a religion.

In reality, America still remains a predominantly Christian country as 70.6 % of Americans belong to a Christian denomination—ranging from Protestant churches to Catholic and Orthodox ones, according to the Pew Research Center.

But in the event that students are raised in an environment that chooses not to believe in a deity, or practice a religion or Christianity, they can choose to ignore the display and continue on with their day. It’s easy for naysayers to say that the bill is violating the rights of those who choose not to believe, but the bill isn’t forcing or demanding anything on students. And it certainly isn’t trying introduce religion into their lives.

After the Parkland shooting, students were hurting. They’re demanding legislation to protect them and for their voices to be heard. There’s fear among them regarding their safety and future, and whether or not anyone actually cares about their well-being.

Rep. Daniels decided not to politicize the issue and offered a reminder of the hope and values all people can turn to in times of great need and trouble. This is exactly what we need. We’ve had far too many tragedies politicized in our country and it needs to stop.

Humanizing the tragedies, and sympathizing with our people by giving them hope in values is the way to go. It can ease the pain of those who have suffered a loss and strengthen those who live in fear of the next events that can potentially occur this year. Although this won’t solve all our problems, it’s an amazing step forward in adding truth and values back into our schools.



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