Working on campus is convenient for the busy Panther

Eduardo Alvarez/ Contributing Writer

Working while studying is a great idea, and FIU offers plenty of opportunities. As an enclave of many and diverse activities, our University can be a place of both intellectual and financial growth. And the best part is that we can get jobs within your field of interest.

A journalism major, for, example, can work in the school newspaper, while a history major can apply for positions with the library. This allows them to make money while catching a sneak preview of their future profession.

There are also jobs available with food and tech companies such as Starbucks and FIU Panther Tech, which may not be complementary to their major, but nonetheless gives a student the same convenience of working while studying in the same place.

Those who live on campus may not find this idea appealing, and might want to seek employment elsewhere so they can experience more of Miami. But if you live on campus and don’t have a vehicle or don’t want to pay for an Uber every other day, then working on campus may not be such a bad thing after all.

At the very least, the income made by working on campus can fund your weekend Uber excursions or help you buy necessary groceries.

But if you have a tight schedule — as most Panthers do — and live in Hialeah, go to class in Sweetwater and work in Brickell, than you’ll more than likely understand what a time-saver campus employment is.

This makes more sense if we look at FIU as more than school: it’s a small city, and therefore benefits from labor. The most booming cities keep labor inside its boundaries, instead of pushing it away — those that do are called bedroom communities. FIU’s environment and community is loud, productive and full of life, and a lot of that comes from students like you and me who work to serve one another on campus.

Student baristas prepare your morning cup of joe; student cashiers process your books and lunch; student tutors help you out with your class assignments. Campus employment has helped FIU develop into its own little city and it’s all from the benefits of student labor.  

But there are  many students who go to school and go home like boomerangs; uninvolved from the University’s rich hustle and bustle. Take it from me, you are doing yourself a disfavor by not taking advantage of these gold nuggets. If you wished to simultaneously make friends, gain experience, and earn money, then I suggest finding a job on campus.



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