Preliminary SGA election results announced

Nicole Stone/Assistant News Director

The preliminary winners of the SGA elections have been announced but the official results will not be available until Friday, April 13.

The results were announced at the Graham Center Pit on Friday, April 6, by Larry Lunsford, vice president of student affairs.

The preliminary results for the Student Government Council at the Modesto Maidique campus were Jose Sirven winning president with Sabrina Rosell as vice president.

The preliminary results for the Student Government Council at the Biscayne Bay campus were Jefferson Noel winning president and Jonathan Espino winning vice president.

Both presidential candidates ran an uncontested race.

These preliminary results are not official because Article VI states that sufficient time must be alloted between the preliminary announcement and the official announcement to allow for the filing and resolution of any grievances.

Additionally, a tie occurred for the second seat allocated for the Housing SGC-MMC senator position. A runoff election will take place in two weeks between the two candidates, Victoria Larson and Emoni McGregor. The first seat went to Matthew Beck.

The official announcement, according to Lunsford, will be made online on Friday, April 13 at noon.

Here’s the list of all preliminary winners:


President: Jefferson Noel

Vice President: Jonathan Espino

Lower Division: Stefano Carl Selorio

Upper Division: Xin Wang

Housing: Ruyu Hua

Hospitality and Tourism Management: Chelsea De Silva, Jiaqi Chen

Communication + Journalism: Leo Cosio

CASE: John Habib


President: Jose Sirven

Vice President: Sabrina Rosell

Communication, Architecture and the Arts Senator: Melanie Rodriguez

Public Health & Social Work Senator: Bertha Vera

Nursing & Health Sciences Senators: Betsy Batista, Peter Hernandez

International & Public Affairs Senators: Daniel Beltran, Samuel Santos, Luis Suarez

Engineering and Computing Senators: Jai Jethani, Danny De Leon

Business Administration Senators: Samuel Hernandez, Dimitri Lampru, Trevor Holden

Graduate Student Senators: Mitra Ahmadinejad, Leila Zahedi, Nadine Matas

Senators at Large Senators: Rebecca Sanchez, Ariadna Natteri, Tidjan Simpson

Lower Division Senators: Carlos Rivero, Javier Ortiz, Dylan Vulcain, Charles Kelly

Housing Senators: Matthew Beck; Victoria Larson and Emoni McGregor tied so a run off election will be happening in two weeks

Arts, Sciences and Education Senators: Waleskis, Calderon, Brandon Aquino, Antonia Passalacqua, LeChara Pryor, Stacey Alpert, Dustin Duncan, Alejandro Arzola, Jordan Chatman

Honors College Senator: Rose Ingraham


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