University’s Global Indigenous Group to host fifth annual Indigenous People’s Day Celebration

Guethshina Altena/Assistant News Director

The University’s Global Indigenous Group will be hosting their fifth annual Indigenous People’s Day Celebration on Sunday, April 15.

This year, the Student Government Council at the Modesto Maidique campus passed a resolution supporting Indigenous People Day.

Cesar Castillo is a senior anthropology major and this year’s president of the Global Indigenous group at the University. Castillo is glad to have SGA’s support of the Global Indigenous People Day.

“Indigenous celebration is where we get Indigenous people from our local community and from all over the world represented at FIU,” Castillo said. “We’ve had people from Japan represented, and this year we have people from main groups throughout the caribbean and the Americas represented.”

Although the Indigenous People’s Day was planned before the resolution was passed, the Global Indigenous Group plan to highlight the success of the resolution and talk about how they will continue to celebrate Indigenous culture and heritage at FIU.

“At next Sunday’s event, we are also doing a recognition to SGA, for their efforts and what they did in support of the Indigenous People’s day,” Castillo said.

Several speakers are scheduled to make an appearance at the event this year. These presenters will represent several different groups from around the world and will be performing, giving talks and sharing their culture.

“One of the people that we have who is really special is Bobby C. Billie. He’s a local Indigenous leader and he’s gonna be there and he’s gonna give the opening remarks,” Castillo said.

The celebration is a collaboration between the Global Indigenous group and the FIU Global Indigenous forum, which is the faculty forum.

“It’s a step in the right direction, because Columbus Day is still recognized in several calendars and what we’re doing is we’re replacing Columbus Day by outshining Columbus Day,” he said. “The SGA has approved for Indigenous People’s Day to be put on the FIU calendar.”

Working with SGA, Castillo said, is the first step in creating activities to make Indigenous People’s Day a really recognized FIU day and activity.

“Just like we have MLK Day of Service, we’re having Indigenous People’s Day celebration, to celebrate Indigenous heritage wherever you’re from,” Castillo said. “Every year, we have Indigenous people’s day celebrated by the Global Indigenous Group  with lots of activities and a week of awareness events. Now we’re stepping it up even more, with the support of SGA.”

This year’s Indigenous People’s Day will be on Sunday, April 15, at 2 p.m. in the Graham Center Ballrooms. People from all majors and background are welcome to attend.

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