Letter to the Editor: Alt-right student organization at FIU promotes toxic gun culture

Guest Columnist/ Freesia McKee 

Near the Green Library, Turning Point recently taped up a poster that featured pictures of an AR-15 and other weapons under the words, “I’m Pro Choice. Pick Your Gun.”

Turning Point is an alt-right, ultra-right group with student chapters across the nation. At FIU, they distribute the “Socialism Sucks” and “This Laptop Was Brought to You by Capitalism” stickers.

When I see Panthers sporting such stickers, I wonder how many know of Turning Point’s ties to white nationalism. Turning Point’s founder, Charlie Kirk, is supported by neo-Nazis, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This poster also represents a kind of rhetorical violence: on-campus promotion of the weapons that would be used to kill us.

After Parkland, FIU’s administration sent a message about the Behavioral Intervention Team, which intervenes with students who could potentially cause harm.

Turning Point promotes on-campus murder tools used in school shootings, and this gives me cause for concern. They’ve endorsed the AR-15, a weapon used by two groups: soldiers at war and self-appointed mass murderers.

FIU’s administration must decide how to deal with a group that supports the use of murder tools. When does free speech turn into a message that encourages violence to be planned and carried out? Do posters like this put us at a greater risk of harm?

If there was a student planning to shoot up a school, I believe he’d join a group like Turning Point. Their message celebrates the weapons he’d already be stockpiling..

I wanted to ask the Turning Point students if, after Parkland, they feel waves of fear during class. I thought about the anguish of violence in Florida and gun culture’s impact writ large.

I thought about my own experiences with gun violence. I wanted to ask the Turning Point students if they know what it’s like to watch a teenager die.

If they know what it’s like to watch CPR fail.

If they know the voice of a man witnessing his brother die. “My brother, my brother, my brother.” These are the echoes of shots in an alley. I cry again and again as I write this.

I wanted to ask these questions, but the students couldn’t explain why promoting gun culture on a college campus is anything other than celebration of an edgy, abstract principle. Instead, they talked about the Second Amendment, and they asked me if I consider myself to be an American.


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Photo by D x L on Unsplash.

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