Flexibility a key skill learned at Student Media

Nia Young/General Manager

Farewell Student Media.

My time at FIU’s student-run radio station and newspaper has been a wave of late nights, new challenges, and friendly reminders that the future is definitely female.

To the people that have made this journey with me, I would like to wish you the best of luck in the continuing years. You make Student Media a force to be reckoned with.

So much creativity can be seen at the Roar: from the playlists and banners to the hosts and guests, I have enjoyed being a part of advancing this creative outlet and collaborating with dedicated students. I am confident it will continue to grow and elevate the quality of college radio.

This leadership opportunity has been incredibly enlightening for me and I thank the wonderful staff at Student Media for staying diligent in pushing toward our shared vision.

If there is one word of advice I could pass on that I’ve learned from this experience, it would be to practice flexibility, not just inside the gym. It was the trait I leaned on most as general manager.

When unexpected curveballs come at you in the professional setting, learning how to adapt to these changes, budget constraints, or even negative people on your team is an art form. Consider practicing this type of flexibility to prepare you for life after college.

It does not always come naturally but if you invest time in perfecting this skill, you will be able to handle the ups and downs of your professional career without breaking your back in the process.

My other word of advice would be to find you a partner in crime. Martina, my partner at Student Media has been a lovely balance of grace, professionalism and friendship that I have depended on for the past two years. Thank you for being my anger interpreter when necessary, as well as my chill pill. You have kept me sane throughout this entire process while balancing the responsibilities of editor without missing a beat.

Your creative approach to journalism has elevated Panther Press. Wherever your next opportunity is, they will be lucky to witness black girl magic from such a close range.  

To the new leadership, Michelle Marchante (editor) and Harold Lopez (general manager), I am excited to see where you take things. This opportunity is as rewarding as it is tiring.

Michelle: Continue to be a forward-thinking journalist. I remember recording our first breaking news piece together and since then, it has been a joy to see you try new things and rise to the occasion.

Harold: Your personality is infectious; you have helped turn around many bad days, and for that, I am thankful. As general manager, I know you are incredibly ambitious and will push The Roar to new heights, so good luck deejays. It will all be worth it in the end.

We have accomplished a lot together and I will not forget the lessons I have learned at Student Media. As a team, we all deserve this summer break. Work hard next year, play harder and long live college radio.


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