Final round of Greek reinstatement hearings completed

By Joshua Ceballos/News Director


President Mark B. Rosenberg has released an email with the third round of updates regarding the reinstatement of Greek organizations on campus.

In January of 2018, President Rosenberg called for a pause on all Greek Life activities following illicit behavior by Greek organizations such as Tau Kappa Epsilon in the Fall of 2017. Since then, Greek organizations have been reinstated in rounds after review sessions on their activities.

With the third update released on May 2, 2018, the total number of chapters that will not be reinstated is six. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and Pi Kappa Phi were already set as suspended for a minimum of two years in the previous round of announcements, now to be joined by Delta Lambda Phi, Lambda Theta Pi and Omega Psi Phi, according to the email sent out by Rosenberg.

Rosenberg said in the email that these above-mentioned organizations will no longer be recognized by Fraternity and Sorority Life at FIU.

The chapters that are being reinstated in this final round, according to the email, are Alpha Epsilon Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Chi and Beta Theta Pi. Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy) will be undergoing a “tailored reinstatement schedule due to their conduct status.”

Some of the reinstated chapters are staying on campus, though they are on some form of suspension or probation due to conduct violations.

Alpha Phi Alpha has been placed on interim suspension due to allegations of violating the alcohol ban which Rosenberg placed for the duration of the Spring semester in his email on Feb. 5, 2018.

Beta Theta Pi is on deferred suspension through December 2018, meaning that their suspension is on hold until decisions can be made on other sanctions according to the Student Code of Conduct, and they will be on chapter probation through December 2019. This is due to them hosting an unregistered party with alleged underage drinking, according to a previous update by Rosenberg.

Sigma Chi will also be on deferred suspension through June of 2018.

The total number of reinstated chapters is now 30 organizations across the Interfraternity Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Multicultural Greek Council.

Additional updates in Rosenberg’s email included the lifting of the alcohol ban for Greek organizations as of Apr. 27, and the presentation of the newly proposed Student Code of Conduct to the Board of Trustees on Jun. 6.

For a full list of chapter statuses, you can visit the Student Affairs website.

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