The Trump administration has greatly improved our country

Ashley Verdugo/Staff Writer

Although we might see a shift of parties in the House and the Senate, Republicans are the political party that will dominate U.S. politics in the post-Trump period.

In his 2 years as president, Trump has already made significant movement on campaign promises. One example would be moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The embassy movement had been promised to Americans since 1995, and while every president continually made that promise, they never followed through.

Trump did.

The wall promised by Trump during his campaign to keep America free of illegal immigrants is already starting to be built. It’s unclear whether the whole wall will be finished by the end of his presidency, but the fact that it’s well underway further demonstrates that Trump and his administration are keeping promises.  

Under the Trump administration, the U.S. tax code was changed for the first time since 1986, which gave Middle America tax breaks.

Every politician has promised that blue collar workers would get a tax break, but Trump went to the main source of it. Trump has been able to speak directly to the middle class and actually cause visible change.

Social issues are another factor that has helped The Republican Party remain in power. Pence is a devout Christian conservative while Trump remains on the more moderate side. Because of Pence, The Trump administration has remained conservative on social issues.

The conservative take on social issues, after years of liberalism, is a breath of fresh air, and preserves our country’s morals and values. Not to mention, it reflects the views of our religious population, as America is still a predominantly Christian country.

Even among the tragic shootings, Trump has remained pro-2nd amendment while offering valuable solutions to end the violence.

After the Parkland tragedy, rather than further politicize the issue, Trump decided to invite parents, and victims of the shooting to speak with him and hear what they had to say. He, like any good leader, showed compassion towards his fellow Americans, regardless of their political stances.

Trump has been slaughtered by the media, but that has not stopped him or his administration from performing their duties sufficiently.

The Trump administration is sending out the message that The Republican Party’s first priority is to Americans. Everything that the administration has done so far has put the American people first, as it should be.

The tax cuts were done to alleviate the suffering of blue collar workers and middle class people. The wall is being built to protect citizens from the issues that illegal immigrants can bring to the country, such as crime.

Moving the U.S. embassy in Israel is showing citizens that their voices have been heard as far back as 1995. Being pro-2nd amendment among the violent shootings and anti-gun protests shows the people that their rights will not be taken away.

The drama, the tweets and his brash personality do not compare to the work the administration has done. Every president has a flaw that the media loves to pick on, but it doesn’t make up the administration as a whole.

With Trump as the leader of the Republican party, he’s finally showing the nation that the party fulfills promises for all Americans, even the ones who did not vote for him. Because of this, I have no doubt that Trump will win his reelection in 2020.



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2 Comments on "The Trump administration has greatly improved our country"

  1. FINALLY a conservative point of view on FIUSM.
    Kudos to the author, and I hope the newspaper continues showing perspectives from non-liberals as it comes to the economy, immigration, infrastructure etc.

    -Proud Conservative Alumni-

  2. Caleb Freeman | May 30, 2018 at 10:39 AM | Reply

    @jaime rodriguez Amen to that! Certainly refreshing.

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