Ameer Vann, rapper from boy-band Brockhampton, kicked out of band following sexual accusations

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Rapper Ameer Vann was dismissed from Brockhampton, after sexual allegations against the rapper surfaced, according to a tweet sent out by the band’s official Twitter account on Sunday, May 27.

Three exes of Vann, singer-songwriter Rhett Rowan (@rhettrowan), writer Taylor Allard (@tayallard) and Twitter user @GIGINOTHADID came forward and opened up about the rapper’s alleged abusive behavior.

“We want to sincerely apologize to the victims affected by Ameer’s actions,” reads the band’s tweet. “We were lied to, and we’re sorry for not speaking up sooner.”

The band has also cancelled the rest of their remaining U.S. tour dates to “go home and regroup.”

However, despite the allegations, Vann said on Twitter that he has “never criminally harmed anyone or disrespected their boundaries.”

He also denied having any sexual relations with minors.

He then deleted his account.

On Saturday, May 26, the band performed at the Boston Calling Music Festival, where Vann was absent. The band remained silent during his verses, which surprised many of the fans who were present.

@GIGINOTHADID was the first to post her experience with Vann on Twitter. The two met through mutual friends, who warned her about the rapper’s behavior but she dismissed their precautions. As their relationship progressed, Vann blamed her for “abandonment,” and constantly guilt-tripped her for it, according to her Twitter post.

Vann is also sexually aggressive with women, according to @GIGINOTHADID. He was “very smothering,” she tweeted and at one point, she said “that hurts” when the two were having sex to make him stop and he allegedly responded with “no, it doesn’t.”

@GIGINOTHADID said she is no longer friends with her and Vann’s mutual friends.

“I was naive and didn’t deserve that,” said the Twitter user.

Rowan, another of Vann’s exes, also broke her silence on Twitter.

Vann, she tweeted, was “emotionally and mentally abusive,” and their relationship had been complicated. Additionally, after separating from Vann, she was undiagnosed of her mental illness, she said.

Kayla (@lapetitepunk), a witness to Vann’s behavior, explained a screenshot explaining how Vann “snapped his fingers” and “barked orders” at Rowan. Later when the two broke up, Rowan said Vann “just wanted someone to control.”

“I felt like Ameer was taking completely advantage of your support for the group,” Rowan tweeted. “And as soon as he got what he wanted he needed he broke up with you. I never felt right about what happened there.”

Allard was the last to release her statements on Vann’s behavior.

The 20-year-old, who had lived with Vann at the time, said he guilt-tripped her for making him feel “ugly” and “unwanted” because the two had not been sexually active for a “long time” after a trip to the hospital for stomach pains.

Time went on and Allard’s stomach pains turned into a stomach cancer scare, but was later dismissed to a lesser health issue Allard does not wish to disclose. When news came to Vann about Allard’s health, the rapper seemed to improve and “begged to be apart of her life and be there” while she endures the issue.

Unexpectedly, Allard awoke the next morning to discover that Vann had told a mutual friend that she was lying about having cancer to get back together with him.

Looking back at her past relationship, Allard mentions how Vann has “only been sorry if it was for his own benefit or to save himself.”

After talking to the rapper about their past relationship, Vann admitted his abuse and said he will make an effort to change by going to therapy. Allard agreed to keep quiet as long as he follows his goals, according to her statement on Twitter.

“I really hope this is a true statement, but if this behavior has been consistent since he started dating…I don’t see that change being able to happen in the few months it’s been since we spoke,” said Allard. “…After reading his ‘apology,’ and that he only reached out to me to do damage control, I see the same person I was with.”

Just like his other bandmates, Vann was one to talk about his personal life in many of his verses. The rapper was open about his past struggles with addiction, drug dealing, racism, gangs, relationships and mental health. Yet, the allegations against him came as an unfortunate surprise for the rest of Brockhampton.

Abstract went onto Instagram Live and briefly discussed future actions. In the video he said that Vann has been receiving help for the past year. Abstract has also spoken to Vann and said that Vann has admitted to his actions.

The band is expected to release their fourth studio album, “Puppy,” this June. However, the release date may be pushed back. No other decision has been made on the album.

Vann is the cover model for the band’s “SATURATION” trilogy. Before Brockhampton, Vann was involved in another rap outfit, AliveSinceForever, with bandmates Abstract and Dom McLennon. The three eventually left the band formed Brockhampton with other people they met through a Kanye West forum, KanyeToThe.

“We do not tolerate abuse of any kind,” said the announcement from the band. “This is not a solution to their suffering, but we hope this is a step in the right direction.”


Featured photo taken from Brockhampton’s Instagram.

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