Readiness comes with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

Rina Factor/Contributing Writer

Most people like to wait until they are ready or comfortable before they embark to do something they are afraid of. Unfortunately, in a world where time is finite for human beings, there is not enough time to wait until you’re ready. Sometimes, you just have to leap forward.

I have extensive experience in leaping forward before I am ready, and usually, it has taught me that I’m ready, even if I may not feel as if I am.

When I started my first calculus class this past spring, I remember feeling intimidated. After seeing everyone else look so calm and collected on the first day of class, I had a strong urge to drop the class.

Math is not my strongest suite, not my favorite, but I stuck with the class and pushed myself, even though I did not feel ready.

I ended up passing the class.

On the other hand, you might think you’re ready to do something before you actually are.

In my case, I had written a book in my senior year of high school a year ago. I finished it and sent it out to publishers, thinking it was the next Sex and the City.

After receiving many rejections, I was dumbfounded — that is until I read the book again a few months later and realized how poorly it was written.

Although I technically was not ready to write a book, I still did it and learned from my writing mistakes. Now I know I’ll be able to write my next book and edit it with more clarity.

College is a time where you will have numerous opportunities thrown your way. I receive countless emails from FIU throughout the year, notifying me of speakers, tech events, and networking events.

However, I usually attend a small number of them. I especially feel hesitant about attending the internship fairs because I do not feel so sure of my abilities. I don’t know if I am qualified to even seek internships yet. I also don’t know if I have the confidence to network. However, if I continue adopting this mentality, these opportunities will continue to pass me by.

I might not ever feel ready to pitch myself to an employer, but that is exactly why I need to start. Readiness comes through experience and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

While I don’t encourage everyone to just leap into the fiery pits of uncertainty without a game plan or preparation, I do encourage people to start challenging themselves to stop waiting so long and, like Nike motto says, “just do it.”



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Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash.