President Mark B. Rosenberg: FIU has “everything you need to succeed” in life

Mark B. Rosenberg/Guest Columnist and FIU President

Welcome to Fall 2018!

The new academic year lays before us – full of fresh focus, hope and endless possibility. After a year that tested our resilience, courage and commitment I know we’re all welcoming the promise of a new beginning.

Whether this is your first semester – or last – you’ll come to see how special our FIU truly is. This a community of people brought together by a shared sense of responsibility to do good in an unpredictable world.

As I tell each of our incoming classes: You belong here! You were admitted because you proved you were ready to share the blessings of your skills and talents to help move you, your families, our FIU – and our community – forward!

We have everything you need to succeed: Passionate and committed faculty. Internship and career opportunities. Dedicated advisors who are here to work with you, so you can stay on track, graduate on time and start making a difference in the world. Graduating in four years is possible – and at FIU, we make it possible!

With the “Finish in 4, Save More” plan, students take 30 credit hours a year and stay on track! Now, we know that each of you students come from different circumstances. That’s why we’ve introduced other pathways to help our students graduate in four years.

We’re very excited about our Golden Promise scholarships. This year, more than 1,500 of our freshman had 100 percent of their tuition covered!

We also have a specialized pathway option called the Supported Transition to Excellence Program – or STEP, for short.

Students in this program are limited to a certain number of credit hours and over time their course loads increase. No matter your situation or obstacle, we’re here for you. I know you’re ready to work hard this semester, but remember that you’re also here to learn about and prepare for life’s challenges ahead. There are so many incredible experiences here at FIU.

We have around 300 student organizations and clubs, student government, guest lectures, outstanding athletic teams to cheer on – and so much more!

As you may know, our FIU football team went to a bowl last year! This season is looking to be the best yet and I expect to see you kick off our new season at home against the Indiana Hoosiers on September 1.

I hope you feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for this new academic year. Each one of you has a destiny to fulfill and we’re honored to be a part of your journey toward fulfilling that destiny.

Now, on to the new academic year! Let’s make it the best one yet!



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