A letter from your Biscayne Bay president: Welcome back, students

Jefferson Noel/Guest Columnist 

Hello, fellow Panthers! My name is Jefferson Noël, the new President of the Student Government at the beautiful Biscayne Bay Campus.

As you re-enter the halls of champions here at FIU, I want you to know one thing. You are here now because your tomorrow is important.

The time you spend enrolled in this great university is meant to prepare, equip, empower, and educate you for life after you walk across the stage. I am extremely sensitive to the pitfalls and hurdles we inevitably go through as students.

Whether it be mental health crisis, food insecurity, strained relationships, academic pressure, and improper representation.

As your President, I have an unwavering commitment to ensuring you are aware of the resources at your disposable to help alleviate these potential shortcomings.

With that in mind, I strongly encourage you to get involved, meet new friends, and exercise your panther pride at our home football games. We will only get better if we attempt to do together.

Under the leadership of our University President, Mark B. Rosenberg, we are reaching new heights and traveling long roads to achieve measures few believe we can achieve.

I believe in you and the inevitable progress you will make as you live a life of purpose and passion. Never forget, we are #FIUStrong and from here, we are only getting stronger.



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