Biscayne Bay Campus needs to offer more options to students

Brea Jones/Staff Writer

My freshman year of college went a little as predicted. From passing all my classes to joining the newspaper staff, I accomplished everything on my “Freshman To-Do List.”

One of the things I hadn’t expected was meeting so many new people, especially at the Biscayne Bay campus. BBC is very small when compared to MMC, so it’s hard not to form a relationship with all of the people that you come across.

Living at Bayview has helped me successfully meet new people and create a thriving social life.

And despite the variety of personality types at Bayview, everyone gets along so well. Besides the social perks and the convenience of living on campus, many students feel as though Bayview is not the best place in the world to live.

A lot of people I know feel as though they are trapped at Bayview because it is the only place to live at BBC.

In order to live in Bayview, students have the option to pay $1,152 a month for an academic lease or $960 a month for a full term lease.

Many students, myself included, feel as if they’re not getting their money’s worth for the number of inconveniences. The number of inconveniences at Bayview are often irritating, such as the lack of hot water and oven.

These experiences differ from my overall time at MMC. Although most of my days are spent on the BBC campus, I do have to commute to MMC from time to time. As many FIU students can tell you, there’s a big difference between the two main campuses. MMC is more lively and rowdy while BBC is more quiet and peaceful.

And compared to BBC, MMC has a lot to offer students.

From multiple on-campus living options to multiple food options, almost every student need is accommodated on the MMC campus, unlike at BBC.

It can’t be denied that MMC has more things available to students than BBC. Despite this, however, management at Bayview has tried their best to assist students with problems whenever they are contacted.

The resident assistants also work with management to try to help assist each resident as best they can. Along with providing residents with a new parking lot closer to the building, management has also begun trying to provide updates on everything residents need to know about.

Although there are faults about living at Bayview, there are also a lot of things that make it worth living here.

Both campuses has their perks and staff does try their hardest to help students in any way that they can.

Still, I feel more attention and effort could – and should – be given for the students at BBC so they have the same experiences as students at MMC.



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