Title IX offers cupcakes and education in GC Pit

By: Joshua Ceballos/News Director


This Saturday is the 46th anniversary of Title IX, the educational amendment to prevent sex discrimination in educational settings.

In honor of the anniversary, IT’S ON US Campaign along with the Counseling and Psychological Services held an event in GC Pit on Thursday, June 21, offering Misha’s cupcakes arranged to spell out “IX.”

Jacob Burns, coordinator of administrative services and chairman of It’s On Us told Student Media that the event was a way to educate students about what Title IX offers them and how they can report instances of sexual assault.

“If a student is a victim or survivor of sexual violence or any kind of discrimination based on sex, they can visit the Title IX website or report it with our Title IX coordinator Shirlyon McWhorter in her office at PC 321,” said Burns.

Burns and CAPS assured that all reporting is confidential if done through the Victim Empowerment Program or Convercent, unless victims wish to press charges.

Information on Title IX was displayed on a slideshow in the Pit

Misha’s cupcakes were offered for students who listened to presentations on Title IX and signed in.

A poster board and several electronic displays gave students an idea of the history and impact of Title IX.

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